The market

Just like seats in the airline market, revenue from a charter not sold today is lost forever. Airlines realised that selling late-availability discounted seats direct can cause friction with other (higher paying) passengers; thus they feed their low-price tickets through third parties – known to us as ‘bucket shops’ and to airlines as ‘consolidators’.


LateSail’s position in the market

LateSail is the world’s largest consolidator for the yacht charter market, with hundreds of the world’s largest global and local operators using LateSail. We do not work with small fleet operators (because if a boat is damaged they may not be able to provide a replacement), nor do we work with operators who we know to have poorly equipped or badly maintained boats.


Our website

As you look through the site you will notice that we show a combination of  ‘Live’ results, and ‘non-live’ results. Some of the fleets we work with use automated reservation systems and in this case we are able to offer live availability, but in some cases the exclusive discounts we are offered are not available through these systems, so we need to check the availability, and some of the fleets we work with do not support ‘Live’ availability. We aim to keep extending the number of yachts we have available to book ‘Live’ through the site, however in order to ensure we are listing the widest range possible and the best deals available, we are not able to move to 100% ‘Live’ availability.


Cant find what you are looking for?

If you do not see what you want on the site this does not mean it is not available, so please contact us and let our experienced team help you find the perfect offer.

The prices listed on our website are typically bareboat prices i.e. the entire yacht for the period, regardless of the number on board, however some of the offers we have are available on a flight inclusive basis, and are priced per person.


Best ways to contact us

Should you find the perfect offer listed on our site then you can simply go ahead and book online, or enquire about the offer for further details. Our friendly team will then be in touch to answer any questions you might have before confirming your charter.

If you have specific requirements, or simply don’t see the right offer just contact us, and one of the team will be on hand to work with you throughout the booking process, and search for the perfect deals to meet your requirements. We will be able to offer totally unbiased advice in helping you select and book the right yacht. For this reason, 95% of recent customers rated the service they received from LateSail as Excellent or Good.

If you are an experienced charterer and have been watching the prices on the site, you may wish to use the ‘Request a quote’ page. We will then approach the operators to see if they will accept your offer. ‘Silly prices’ are not normally accepted, but reasonable reductions on prices quoted often are accepted.


The Booking Process

Before you part with any money we will discuss with you the yacht’s details, such as age, equipment, and any supplements. Once you have all the information and are ready to go ahead with booking a deposit payment is required to confirm the charter. The amount of deposit, and final payment terms are determined by the operator’s own conditions, which we will also advise you.


Once you have booked

Once you have booked you will be given access to a secure section of our website where all your charter documents will be available, and the crew list and proof of competence can be submitted. In the run up to your charter taking place LateSail remains your point of contact, and our staff will be on hand to answer any questions you may have whilst making the final arrangements.

When you arrive for the charter you will be treated in exactly the same way as those who have booked directly with the operator, irrespective of the price paid.

After your charter has taken place you will be asked to complete a short feedback form letting us have your first hand report on the charter. Feedback is very important for us to keep abreast of the standards and service being delivered by our partners on the ground and ensure they are maintaining the levels we expect of them.

Don’t See What You Want?

With so much choice available, why not get one of our charter experts to help you?

Simply fill out the details below and we will get in touch.


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