Bareboat Yacht Charters

If you want to sail without the help of a crew or skipper, then a bareboat charter is for you. When you are your own captain, you can cruise at your own pace without being tied to an agreed schedule. You have control and make the decisions, such as catching that spectacular sunset or exploring a secluded sandy beach.

At LateSail we pride ourselves in finding the best price and deal to match your needs. LateSail is the world’s largest yacht charter market consolidator and we’ve hundreds of exclusive deals. Call our team today for advice on the best bareboat cruising grounds and boats.

Bareboat benefits

Flexibility – enjoy the luxury of choice and explore new destinations to suit you and your guests

Privacy – you have the boat to yourself. It’s great for honeymoons and celebrations with family and friends

Independence – sail to your mood, heading to bars when you want to party or enjoy peace and quiet at isolated spots

Eat local– bareboats are self-catering so it’s your chance to discover local produce or delicious seafood at nearby restaurants

Experience level

You can book a bareboat charter if you have sailing experience and are able to confidently handle a yacht in diverse weather conditions and can anchor and moor competently. Most  destinations need a formal qualification, such as the RYA’s International Certificate of Competence (ICC) – call us to find out more.

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Key destinations

We offer bareboat discounted yacht charters worldwide. If you are new to bareboat yacht charters, we recommend starting out in the Caribbean, such as the BVIs, or, in the Mediterranean, Greece and Croatia are popular first- time charter destinations . We cater for more experienced sailors who want to test their skills a challenge too, more challenging destinations include the Canaries, Brittany or the UK.

We recommend that you practice boat familiarity before you set sail, including reefing your mainsail. Also check the weather reports and don’t be afraid to ask local sailors for their predictions and recommendations for sheltering spots.

Boat recommendations

Catamarans and monohulls are both great for bareboats. If you are sailing in calm waters then a catamaran can be more stable, while monohulls cut through choppier waters more easily. Catamarans are great for those who want more interior space and their shallow hulls can get you closer to shore. For sailors who want speed and performance, a monohull gives a very sharp turning radius and is known as the “purist’s choice”. While many go for new boats, just remember that a new yacht isn’t necessarily maintained as well as an older model. We’re here with 50 years’ advice, so just give us a call.

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