Remember the days when you booked airline tickets through a travel agent or directly with the airline? There was a time when there were no specific discounts to be had, and you couldn’t just log on to the internet to see every deal available.

In the sailing world, it is still very common for people to have to go directly to the largest charter companies and accept their standard prices. Setting off on a bareboat charter truly creates a unique vacation experience, but the rental costs involved can make it seem like an unrealistic dream.

Thankfully, LateSail offers a new concept for those who are looking for the best deals on the same high quality charters from recognized names in the industry.

Here on our site you can take your time browsing destinations and available boats. The prices we list are for the entire boat for the whole period of time. Once our advisers know a little more about the group you are travelling with, we can provide an accurate and direct quote for your needs.

Far from offering obscure boats from little-known operators, LateSail has special deals from some of the largest operators in the world. Our last minute rates simply represent unsold inventory that is now being offered at a discounted price to our lucky clients. Most of our ‘last-minute’ deals will still allow you ample time to make travel arrangements and all other necessary plans for arriving at your base.

LateSail even offers experienced boaters the opportunity to name their own price on the charter of their choice. As liaisons between our clients and the larger operators, we are happy to present each serious offer; many times they are accepted! Click here to learn more about our ‘Name your Price’ option.

Upon arrival at the base you will deal directly with the reputable operator, knowing you received the best price available.

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