As you may know, catamarans have become a very popular choice for sailors in the world of bareboat charters. For those of us used to mono-hulls it may come as a surprise that more and more people are setting off on catamarans, but they do have many features that our clients enjoy.

Simply put, groups and families sailing on a catamaran can sleep, eat and live much more comfortably than those on a traditional mono-hull sailboat.

Great Berths and Privacy

Would you prefer to have separate bedrooms and bathrooms? If you were to travel with a group on a standard vacation, you’d hardly consider sharing one bathroom and having your bedrooms right next to one another with little sound insulation. Catamarans offer the comfort of suites on different hulls, each with their own bathrooms. Click here for a great example.

Bright, Light Living Areas

Imagine the luxury of a boat salon that doesn’t involve stepping down into a deep dark passage. On a catamaran, the windows are above eye level, offering plenty of light for reading, relaxing, cooking and enjoying shared meals. What’s more, the salon is on the same level as the cockpit, allowing for easy communication with the captain and those on deck.

Comfort on Deck

Because of their general shape and size, catamarans offer a spacious cockpit and sitting area where you can enjoy your surroundings from under the bimini. Walking is also much easier than on a mono-hull, as the deck is flat.

Getting Where you Want to Go

When exploring exotic locales, chances are you’ll want to see a range of beautiful coves and reefs for snorkelling. Catamarans are shallow draft vessels that can access many more places than mono-hulls.

If privacy, more light, comfort and improved access would make your bareboat experience better, a catamaran may be right for you. Contact LateSail’s friendly advisers for more information.

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