What is it about the allure of crystalline waters and white sand beaches that is so irresistible? Demand for tropical vacations remains at a steady high, with people wanting to jet off to traditional and newly-discovered destinations.

While some are content to lie on the beach and sip Mai Tais, others of us go for the incredible sensation of warm water and the tropical undersea world to explore. There is nothing quite like dipping below the surface to snorkel with schools of colourful fish, and it can be even more exciting to go at your own pace from your own sailboat.

Bareboat cruising makes for a great vacation in and of itself- where else can you make your own plans, follow your own itinerary and really immerse yourself in the natural splendours of the area? Add snorkelling off the boat to the mix, and you’ve got a combination that will create lifelong memories.

When captaining your own boat, there will be no haggling with aggressive tour guides to get out on the water. You can research the best and safest spots for seeing the most fish and plan to get there before the crowds. Ask the locals for their recommendations, and explore at your leisure with no set schedule to stick to.

It’s also great, when travelling as a group, to have the option of staying on the boat as well. Those who love to snorkel can get their fill while others can stay on board and just enjoy the surroundings. There’s no pressure for everyone to do the same things.

When planning a trip to enjoy some excellent snorkelling, why not do it off your own sailboat? A bareboat charter can be just the ticket to an amazing experience in the tropics.

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