If you are looking to sail off an adventure with family or friends, you may well understand the joys of being your own captain. Or perhaps you’re bringing along an experienced friend or relative as a guide.

In order to charter a bareboat at least one person in your party must have a basic sailing certification. But that doesn’t mean the rest of the group won’t lend a hand! Here are a few tips to having a successful and enjoyable experience right from the beginning.

Who’s In Charge?


Just like typical captains and crews at sea, bareboat voyages do best when one person is clearly in charge of managing the yacht. Everyone else can perform certain tasks within the supporting team, like hoisting sails and dropping anchor. A willing team will help take a bit of the stress off of the designated skipper. If you have more than one experienced sailor in the group, just be sure they are on the same page and able to work well together.

You can also have a separate person take charge of things like cooking and cleaning.

Communicate from the Beginning


Everyone coming aboard should have a clear idea of what the trip will entail and any duties expected of them. This should be done in the early stages of booking your bareboat charter. Have a little meeting to discuss the itinerary and how much sailing and relaxing will be involved.

Choose your Destination Wisely

The world is really your oyster when it comes to bareboating, but if it’s the first time sailing for members of your group, choose a destination with fair winds and attractive sights for everyone. We recommend, among many others, places like Antigua. Click here to learn more about this destination.

For all other questions about bareboating specifics and destinations, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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