If you’re interested in spending your holiday on a yacht, you may have seen the term ‘flotilla’ pop up here and there. When new to the world of yachting there are quite a few new concepts to grasp, such as ‘bareboat’ and ‘skippered’; flotillas are just another option you’ll want to investigate to see if it’s right for you and your group.


A flotilla is essentially a group of chartered yachts that sail together on the same route. The fleet is guided by a lead yacht and crew on a pre-determined course.

In the past, flotilla holidays were known as being a bit rigid, but nowadays they are actually quite relaxed and very enjoyable!

One of their very strong advantages is the sense of camaraderie and the social aspect of travelling with a group. You can set sail together in the mornings, follow one another during the day, and have fun group dinners in the evenings. Other activities you can participate in include trips to famous landmarks along the way or even beach parties in the evenings, depending on your destination.

In terms of sailing, flotillas are a great way for less experienced skippers to take to the water. With support available, there is much less worry about things going wrong; advice and assistance are always just a shout away. Plus, much of the difficult work of charting the course and checking the weather forecasts is done for you.

Mooring, which can also make novice sailors quite anxious, is also much easier, as you know there will always be a member of your group to help you.

Many flotillas also have a day of ‘free sailing’ as well, so you can be sure you’re not stuck with a strict schedule that won’t allow you any time alone.

If you are interested in a flotilla holiday or joining a group, be sure to give LateSail a call today.

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