When planning an ideal yacht holiday, many people imagine mild mornings, sunny days spent soaking up rays on deck and balmy evenings watching the sun set with nice glass of wine. Destinations people have in mind for this type of enjoyment usually tend to be in the Mediterranean or perhaps in the hot Caribbean.

For something a bit different, however, why not head north to Scandinavia? The region can experience surprisingly dry, warm and pleasant weather depending on the time of year. And of course, the scenery cannot be beat!

Beginning in Finland to the west, yacht territory for Scandinavia stretches east through Sweden and Norway. The fjords along the way offer some of the most breath-taking scenery imaginable.

Created by glacial activity in deep valleys, fjords are long, relatively narrow inlets of water surrounded by steep banks and cliffs. An interesting fact, according to Wikipedia, is that most fjords are actually deeper than the surrounding seas. This is due to their formation by glaciers. To read more click here.

When sailing through the fjords of Scandinavia, you’ll experience an incomparable stillness as you take in the majestic natural wonder of these ancient formations. They provide protected sailing areas for bareboating that are truly incredible.

Start off at your base in Stockholm and chart a 7-day course with the help of our experts’ recommendations. You’ll enjoy fine sailing conditions, with a good sea breeze off of Norway’s southern coast during the summer.

Yachts available from LateSail for this destination range from a Bavaria 40 or 42 (each with six berths) to a Bavaria 50, which sleeps 11 people.  You can also select a comfortable Dufour 40. Just ask your advisor at the time of booking to see which options are available and which will be best for your group.

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