Whether you’re looking to sail through the turquoise waters of the Caribbean or fancy an adventure through the Greek isles, a lagoon catamaran can truly make for a comfortable and memorable experience.

Catamarans in general offer the luxury of larger living spaces, more berths and spacious kitchens. They can also be used to access shallower waters where mono-hulls may not be able to go. This is great for exploring those picturesque islands and coves you may be dreaming of.



LateSail has catamarans from the leading charter companies available for many parts of the world. Some of the most sought-after options are from the Lagoon range by Beneteau.

These modern catamarans are fine examples of the latest in nautical technology and comfort, with features like air conditioning, generators and water makers.



Ample cabins feature berths to accommodate larger groups, with the privacy of an individual bathroom for each cabin. Each stateroom provides a comfortable, separate space for those on-board to relax after a long day of sailing.

Meal preparation on a Lagoon 440 or 450 catamaran is really a joy, especially for those used to small sailboat kitchens; here you’ll have additional counter space for things like chopping and mixing. Plus, catamarans have space for dining around a larger table as a group. We also love the panoramic views and natural light of the Lagoons’ dining areas.



When sailing in warm waters, swimming off the boat is as simple as descending a few stairs and stepping into the sea. This makes it easy to get back on board as well.

If you haven’t yet enjoyed the pleasure of a catamaran, consider a Lagoon 440 or 450 for your next bareboat adventure. LateSail has these and many other options for sailing in many preferred destinations. Contact our advisors today.

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