If you like the idea of spending your holiday on a boat, there are several key terms you may start to hear quite often. One question we’re often asked is, ‘what is a bareboat charter’? Outside of the boating industry the words may not hold much meaning, but here at LateSail we are of course happy to explain the term and help people become familiar with the concept.



Chartering a boat means hiring or renting a boat. There are several ways to go about this. A bareboat charter means hiring just the boat without a crew. It is essentially like hiring a car; you will be the driver or captain of the boat and will be in charge of all aspects of navigation and sailing.

So who can do a bareboat charter? Anyone with sailing certification or a long history of sailing experience can hire a boat to take out on their own. This takes a certain level of competence and confidence in your sailing abilities.

Actual requirements for bareboat charters vary from country to country. In most places certificates of competence from the Royal Yachting Association or American Sailing Association are required, although you will find some instances in which a sailing resume will be accepted. Our representatives are happy to advise you of the requirements in your selected destination.



If you have some sailing experience prefer to have support along the way, a flotilla holiday may be your best bet. Here you’ll travel with a group of boats, with a lead crew available for things like mooring, checking weather conditions and charting the best course. Flotilla holidays have the added bonus of being able to enjoy the company of others in the group- often you can plan to enjoy land excursions and restaurant meals together.

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