At LateSail we love hearing about people’s sailing experience, especially after we’ve helped them to find the perfect charter option in a beautiful place.

When you go on a sailing holiday, it’s great to be able to share your experience with friends and relatives (and us!). You can do this through photos and stories when you return, or turn to the internet to quickly diffuse the information on social media or blogs.

Connect with us on Facebook and tell us all about your journey, or tag us in your posts so we can learn about your trip. Your experience and tips on our profile can be very helpful to other sailors! You may even help someone take the plunge and join a flotilla or go bareboating for the first time.

You can also create your very own sailing blog by visiting Write about your experience, post photos and connect with other sailors. Send family members and friends the link to your blog and everyone can see what you’ve been up to. They can share the link and make comments as well.

For sailing advice and a good community of like-minded people, Sailnet is a fun place to hang out. Here you can get specific sailing questions answered, learn more about each type of boat and read destination reviews. You can also of course make your contribution by helping others and sharing tips.

If you’d like some great sailing inspiration, here’s a great list of sailing blogs, where you might just discover your next must-see destination.

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