Travel review giant TripAdvisor® released their Trip Barometer survey results for 2013, including some interesting information for both travellers and industry professionals.

It turns out that Americans do plan to travel but don’t wish to increase their travel budget- in the world of sailing and bareboat charters this is a perfect reason to reserve a charter through LateSail. We are proud to be able to provide the same high quality charters from the leading operators at better prices than people are used to.



Catamaran Anchored in Turquoise Water

Catamaran Anchored in Turquoise Water

Furthermore, people place a high priority on visiting and spending time with family and saving money.

As those of us in the boating world can tell you, a sailing vacation can really tick off all the marks in terms of planning an escape that everyone will enjoy.

Out at sea, people have a chance to truly relax and enjoy each other’s company. There’s the opportunity for teamwork in sailing the boat or preparing meals, and you can just ‘be’ together without too many distractions. And of course, no one can discount the sort of bonding that occurs when you’re able to explore new places together.

Imagine snorkelling in the baths of Virgin Gorda or discovering the Rhone Shipwreck. Both can be done while chartering in the British Virgin Islands. We recommend this destination for its ease of sailing, variety of things to do and just for being a beautiful Caribbean destination overall.


TripAdvisor® highlights that “88% percent of travellers say making memories is worth making sacrifices”. But with LateSail’s pricing you’ll be able to take advantage of better prices to help offset the cost of airfare and provisions. The memories you create will be worth your savings efforts throughout the year. Especially if this is your one planned vacation, you can take comfort in knowing you are booking an excellent sailing vacation on a high quality sailboat or catamaran.

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