Knowing a little of the language (even if it’s very little) is a great way to connect with the locals and really give you a feel for the culture. You may not become fluent during a week-long cruise but it never hurts to be able to say good morning to a fellow sailor, greet the restaurant host or attempt to order a drink. Most people truly appreciate the effort, and it usually feels better than just blurting out what you need in English. Then of course, there may be instances in which no one speaks English and even the few words you know will help you get by.

Here are a few words and phrases to use during your next Greek Yacht Charter. We made sure to include the phonetic spellings as well. Try practising them in front of the mirror before you go!

  • Hello                       Ya-sou
  • Good morning        Kali-mera
  • Good evening        Kali-spera
  • Good night             Kali-neek-ta
  • Please                    A-RA-ka-lo
  • Thank you              Ef-hari-sto
  • Yes                         Neh
  • No                          O-hee
  • Where is it?            Pou e-ne to
  • How much is it?       Po-so ka-ni
  • My name is             Me lene ______
  • I want that              Thelo afto
  • The check             Lo-ghar-ia-smos
  • I don’t want            Den thelo

You can also study your Greek numbers:

  • One                      en-ne
  • Two                      thee-o
  • Three                   tree-a
  • Four                     te-se-ra
  • Five                     pen-de
  • Six                       ex-ee
  • Seven                 ep-ta
  • Eight                   oc-to
  • Nine                   e-ne-a
  • Ten                     De-ka

These phrases and numbers are from, where you’ll find a more extensive list of useful words and phrases including some colourful exclamatory terms.

If you don’t quite feel comfortable with your Greek so far, don’t worry. Greeks are used to visitors and really don’t expect you to be able to speak the language. Give it your best shot and see where it takes you! For your next charter to Greece, visit our Greece section and don’t hesitate to give us a call.

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