Many of you will know that the Euro is, and has been for a while now, trading considerably weaker than we are used to against the UK £. So what does this mean for you? Well on the whole it is good news. Many charter fleets, especially those in the Med, price their yacht charters in Euros, so the converted cost in UK £ is considerably less (approx. 10% lower than the same time last year). Not only does this mean savings on the charter cost, but your day to day expenses whilst on charter will also be significantly reduced as your spending money will go further.


How do you see these benefits?

Well, LateSail offer you pricing in your local currency; UK£, however this pricing is converted from Euros at the current rate at the time of booking. Although it may show a savings of 25% or 30%, when you factor in that the list price is approximately 10% lower than this time last year, that means the comparable cost of the yacht charter in Euros is significantly less.

What happens if the rate changes?

At the time of booking in UK £ LateSail have committed to “lock in” the exchange rate at the time of booking, meaning there is no risk to you of the price increasing.


Can I benefit from the rate changing?

We are certainly able to confirm your yacht charter booking in Euros if you wish. This means that all your payments will be made in Euros and if drawn from a UK bank account and converted at that day’s rate by your bank (beware, sometimes a foreign transaction fee may apply) at the time your balance falls due should the rate have changed in your favour the UK £ cost of that transaction will be based on that day’s exchange rate and the savings passed on. Do beware though, that should the rate change in the other direction the cost may increase.


 Yacht charter brokers or currency traders?

We believe in concentrating on what we are good at, and keeping things simple. We know how and where to find the very best deals on yacht charters worldwide, which are the best yachts, the pros and cons of each sailing area, and  we take the hassle out of it by providing you pricing in your local currency.  We pass any and all savings on to you, our clients, to ensure that we continue to offer the best value and service available.

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