If you are sailing through the Caribbean and looking for a fun activity, there’s nothing better than snorkelling. Throughout the Caribbean there are thousands of snorkelling and diving spots that allow you to explore the deep habitats of many, many different tropical fish. Antigua, in particular, is one of the best areas to snorkel in.


The Best of Snorkelling in Antigua

With 365 wonderful beaches, there is an abundance of places to explore. These islands are surrounded almost completely by coral reefs with shipwrecks also dotted about the area, many of which you can reach from the shore. If you are spending the day on the beach, many offer rental equipment to use without any snorkelling instruction. Or, if you prefer, many spots that are perfect for snorkelling are only available by boat. Hire an instructor for your own yacht or sign up for an excursion.


Some of the best spots include:

  1. Deep Bay – This is a shipwreck from 1905 and it’s easily accessible for snorkelers and divers – here you can expect to see small, tropical fish and a collection of sponges.
  2. Great Bird Island Beach – With their shallow reefs and tropical fish that swim right up to the shore, this is an easy location to snorkel and enjoy the sights along the coast.
  3. Carlisle Bay East – Again, this gorgeous beach requires little to no effort when it comes to snorkelling as the fish often come towards the shore.
  4. Darkwood Beach – This isn’t the best beach when it comes to snorkelling but if you have some beginners in your group it’s perfect for them with its calm waters.
  5. Paradise Reef – Just north of Dickenson Bay you can dive in and revel in gorgeous coral gardens. This location is considered one of the best snorkelling spots in Antigua.


Sailing through the Caribbean can be one of the best holidays that you ever decide to take. From stunning beaches to seafood cuisine and snorkelling, the Caribbean will not disappoint. So as you’re dreaming up of activities to do, don’t forget that if sailing in Antigua, it is home to some of the best snorkelling spots in the Caribbean. Sail among the 365 beaches and snorkel on the way.

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