While we all love blue sky and white sandy beaches, not so many of us are aware of the treasures that live within the crystal clear water off the Pacific North West’s many pristine islands.


Rocky beach and driftwood tree logs swept ashore on the wild Oregon coast

Book a bareboat yacht charter from May to September and be guided by the world’s largest mammals through stunning islands and majestic mountainous scenery.

Restless in Seattle

The Pacific Northwest offers visitors multitudes of thrills and attractions, from its captivating nature to major metropolitan cities. Begin your voyage by flying to Seattle.  Be the first to catch the salmon, literally, at Pike’s Place Market. Take home souvenirs from Fraser’s city (everyone’s favourite radio host), enjoy a meal atop the World Famous Space Needle (probably your screensaver at work), and of course catching a game at one of the city’s world class stadiums is a must. Seattle has the Seahawks, the Mariners (there’s a lot of water) and even a ‘soccer’ team – The Seattle Sounders FC.

Anna’s courtesies

Your charter begins just north of the city on Fidalgo Island. Here you will get a preview of the incredible green islands you are about to sail through. In the historic town of Anacortes (or Anna Curtis, so named after the island’s founders’ wife) you will find brochures and information on safety and weather conditions.


Pacific Northwest

Oh Victoria, how green looketh their appearance

Sail alongside Orcas (in fact there’s an island named after them), sea lions and seals up Puget Sound through the world’s green machine. Pine forests, mountains and clear waters offer peace and tranquility unique to the islands of San Juan. Ahead is your entrance into Canada and the next port, Victoria. Victoria houses the immense and spectacular BC Parliament, a lighthouse and even a castle. A friendly, unfortified Canadian castle.


 The city of Van

Crave a return to city and civilisation? Sailing got you hungry? It’s an easy sail to the next major city on your trip – Vancouver. If you are feeling hungry, Vancity (as the locals call it) has every, yes every type of food your taste buds may fancy (probably even some flavours your tongue hasn’t heard of). If sports is your cup of tea (English Breakfast with a bacon butty) then drop anchor – Vancouver has every indoor and outdoor variety at its doorstep. For those with calmer sensibilities take a walk along Deep Cove, for more adventurous types try kayaking with Killer Whales. Go zip lining or bungee jumping off Grouse Mountain for more heart pounding thrills.


Go to the Pacific Northwest to get in touch with nature. Be in awe of its beauty and pay our sea dwelling mammals respect as you sail through one of the most unforgettable journeys of your life.


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