Setting off to sea on a bareboat cruise involves a lot of careful planning on your part. You’ll want to delegate roles that are comfortable for each crew member, taking into consideration their age, sailing ability and of course general physical condition. It’s also great to plan a special program for kids.

Sailing with kids

Sailing with kids

Sailing with kids will create lifelong memories of adventure and excitement. But taking kids out of their normal routines can be a bit overwhelming, so why not create a fun sailing schedule for them and allow them to help out as much as possible? Check out the following ideas for inspiration.


Kids can start the day by tidying up their own berths and helping with general boat clean-up. Bring them up on deck to check the weather and seas, and help plot the day’s course. This can be a great opportunity to teach your youngsters about winds and sailing conditions.

Next comes breakfast. Kids can help set up and clean up afterwards.

Sailing with kids 2

Sailing with kids


This is a good time to take kids ashore before setting off for the day; you’ll be able to shop for any provisions you need and avoid the hottest times to be walking around on dry land. Or, have the kids take a good long swim and burn off a little energy.

Lunch Time

Kids can help make sandwiches and serve everyone, and of course help with dishes and clean-up. Littler ones can then (hopefully!) go down for a nap as the older ones help set sail.

Afternoon Sailing

All hands on deck! Time to hoist the sail and raise the anchor. Kids can then take turns with the captain learning how to steer.

Sailing with kids 1

Sailing with kids

Late Afternoon

Stowing the sail, coiling down the lines. Swimming before getting ready for dinner, making dinner and cleaning up.


Time to relax after a full day. Kids love listening to stories, curling up with a book or watching a film. Tomorrow will be another exciting adventure!

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