an interview with experienced LateSailor Stuart East

We continue the LateSail Uncovered series with another interview with one of our most experienced customers, Stuart East. With Easter just around the corner, we thought we would focus on the best Mediterranean destinations to visit in April.

Stuart has been sailing regularly with LateSail since 2009. He has fantastic knowledge of some of the most popular Mediterranean destinations (including Mallorca, Greece, Croatia and Turkey) and usually sails in either April or October. We thought that he would be the perfect person to give us some good advice!

Croatia sailing

Sailing in Croatia

Q) Why do you sail in April?

The most simple reason for me, is it’s the Easter holidays for the children and if it falls at a good time you can get 2 weeks away, and there are also less crowds in April!

Because it is the beginning of the season it means that the yachts are spick and span, fresh out of winter maintenance. Fleets tend to have less bookings, so you get more attention from the base staff, and it’s always nice to feel more ‘looked after’.

Greece sailing

Sailing in Greece

The other plus side to fewer charters being booked is that the yachts are nearly always ready for embarkation earlier than the contract time. There are no problems getting into marinas or anchorage so you can choose where to sail, and not worry about having to get in early for a berth. Even though it is out of the high season, everything is still open and ready for customers. No problems getting a table at a popular restaurant. I’ve never found anything closed at this time of year in the Balearics at least!

The only down side… No swimming, unless you are Bear Grylls and like the cold water!!

Q) Where do you visit most often?

Palma, Mallorca

Q) Why Palma, Mallorca?

It is cheap and easy to get to Palma from the UK, and there are many different itinerary options available. Personally, I quite often choose to sail to Sóller and back, or if I am feeling more adventurous I will head across to Ibiza and back. Your are rarely too far away from land, every port is different and weather permitting, there are some fantastic anchorages to choose from.

Palma de Mallorca

Sailing in Palma

Q) What about the weather?

The temperature sits at around 20 °C with brilliant sunshine. We are able to eat lunch outside every day, and I would say it’s comparable to June in the UK. The wind can pick up to force 4-5 sometimes, but this doesn’t last long. It’s well worth checking the weather forecast and working to that. Its very accurate.

Q) Do you have any Top tips?

Temperatures are pleasant, but worth taking trousers and a pullover for the evenings!


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