If you’re heading to Croatia on a yacht charter, then to experience the country properly make sure you take the time to experience the local food and drink. Find an anchorage and pop ashore to find sumptuous feasts and try something new. To help you, we’ve put together a delicious menu for you to experiment with.

Fried whitebait, traditional Mediterranean dish

Croatians eat lots of grilled sardines, and mackerels, fried sand smelt, marinated or salted anchovies and sardines, tuna steaks (especially sliced steak), and sardines in saor.


As you settle down for dinner, ask to try Liker Kadulja (or the Travarica), a sage-infused liqueur, usually brandy. If you like it, ask the owner for recommendations as it’s likely they’ll have a variety of wonderful concoctions for you to sup.


If you are sailing between Istria and Dubrovnik, you’ll probably spot Crni Rižoto on the menu. This is a black cuttlefish risotto with an amazing flavour – a must for all seafood lovers. Our team doesn’t hesitate in recommending this amazing dish.

Main ­

Traditional Croatian dish Peka

A peka is a large metal baking dish with a bell-shaped dome lid. It is used to cook food in an open fireplace, with hot coals and embers placed on top of the dome for even, slow cooking.

A very traditional Croatian dish – Peka

In the Dalmatia region of Croatia, there is a very tasty popular dish called peka, which is made from vegetables, meat, drizzled olive oil and herbs. The meal is slow baked in a bell-like dome covered with hot embers. Because there is so much preparation in this dish, you may need to call ahead to order from the restaurant. If you see squid cooked in this way, you must try it for a melt-in-your-mouth experience you won’t forget. Important to call ahead and place your order with the restaurant so they can start cooking it.

Wine ­

Leave your snobbery behind and embrace Croatian wine as the domestic tipple is always good and the most affordable. We can recommend Plavac Mediterano. If you need help ordering, try asking for the local speciality, “Poslužujete li lokalni specijalitet?” (phonetic pronunciation: pohs­LOO­zhoo­yeh­teh lee LOH­kahl­nee speh­tsyah­lee­TEHT). Enjoy!

Dessert ­

If you see a long loaf cake with dark swirls then you’ve spotted the traditional Makovnjaca pudding which is made with crushed poppy seeds to release the flavour.

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