The island itself is visually very different than the rest of the Virgin Islands, a flat island comprised of limestone and corals, it does not feature the rolling green mountains that characterize the other islands. It features 11 miles of white sand beaches, which some say are the most beautiful in all the Virgin Islands. It’s vast reef, spanning 10 miles to the southeast, is home to hundreds of shipwrecks, providing plenty of great scuba and snorkel opportunities.


Anegada, BVI


As far as getting to Anegada, it should only be attempted in good weather. It is only about 11 miles from North Sound, Virgin Gorda, but requires some careful planning. If coming from North Sound, it is recommended to start your journey by 8-8:30am, as there are few moorings in Anegada so you will want to arrive early to be sure to get one.


Anegada, BVI


The channel leading to the Settling Point is well-marked so long as the weather is cooperating. It is not typically part of 7-day itinerary in BVI, but could be squeezed in. Once you get there, you will definitely want to make use of your time and go ashore to explore.


White sandy beach in Anegada, BVI


The first thing you will want to do is make a dinner reservation, which seems like a silly thing to do at say 11am, but it will be necessary if you want the famous lobster dinner. Popular spots include the Anegada Reef Hotel and Potter’s – both of which have dinghy docks you can pull right up to.


Late night dinner on the shore in Anegada, BVI


There are a few beachside restaurants that will be right at docks when you arrive at the Settling Point, you put your order in with one of them and return that evening for your lobster dinner in the sand. Use the rest of your time to visit the beaches of the Northern coast, reachable by taxi or a scooter rental if you are feeling adventurous.

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