Our sailor’s guide to Croatia’s weather systems 

If you are sailing in Croatia for the first time and want to know what to expect from the weather, we’ve got a great little meteorological guide for you right here.

When customers book a charter, one of the first considerations is about the destination’s weather and climate that time of the season. All sailors are rightly obsessed with wind, so we make it our business to find out everything you need to know to save you the research time.


Omis, Croatia


When you are sailing, you need to pay attention to the winds and clouds as conditions can change quickly. By learning about the Adriatic’s weather systems, you can enjoy your sail by keeping one step ahead of what the sea and sky are telling you.


Lumbarda, Croatia

The Mistral

Sailors hope for the Mistral wind during charters between Spring and Autumn. It’s a daily prevailing wind around 9-10 knots in the morning and peaking mid-afternoon. In this part of the world, the Mistral is a feature of Adriatic sailing, peaking during the height of summer in July and August.

Bora (Bura)

This northeast wind blows cold, dry air for a few days from land to sea. It’s strongest closest to mountains and clouds circling mountain tops, short, broken waves and white foam are giveaways that’s it’s time to head for anchorage to avoid a choppy sail.


Island of Vis seafront panorama, Dalmatia, Croatia


Sirocco or Jugo ­ 

This southwestern moderate wind blows from the sea to the coast mostly in the northern Adriatic in Spring and Autumn. It usually brings rain, humidity and long, silent waves. If you are an adrenalin lover, then this wind will give you some dynamic sailing with great speed.


This wind needs great care as it’s a dangerous westerly wind on the north Adriatic coast that can catch less experienced sailors unaware. It has a pattern of calm, clouds, gusts and calm before sailing becomes very challenging with strong wind and long waves.

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