Just a single mention of the Caribbean can conjure all sorts of wonderful, exotic imagery. Think fine, white sands, rich turquoise waters, lilting music, deliciously fresh grilled fish, stunning scenery and a magnificent climate. But what can often be overlooked is the region’s quite extraordinary wildlife. So don’t neglect the local fauna while on your bareboat yacht charter in the Caribbean, and keep an eye out for these exotic creatures.

Wonderful and beautiful underwater world with corals and tropical fish.

Amazing underwater world

It’s every yachter’s dream to sail alongside a pod of dolphins. As one of the most popular homes for dolphins in the world you’ll have pretty good odds of seeing one in the Caribbean. While sightings can’t be promised, sailing around Dominica between January and March offers the best chance of some great dolphin spotting. Be sure to look out for spinner, spotted and bottlenose dolphins.

Two playful dolphins in the sea

Sperm Whales
Sadly, spotting sperm whales is not such an easy task as it once was; whaling in the 18th and 19th century did significant harm to the sperm whale population. That being said, one of the most active places for sperm whales is the Caribbean. If you do happen to spot a sperm whale you’re likely to be in for a treat. Females tend to travel in pods with other females, their young, and occasionally an adult male. Keep your eyes open, though it shouldn’t be too hard to see a 16-foot water-dwelling animal that eats a tonne of fish and squid a day.

Exotic Birds
To experience the true diverse treasure chest of birds the Caribbean offers you’ll have to sail south to Trinidad & Tobago. Near the city of Arima you’ll find a breeding ground that goes uncontested as the most active bird breeding ground in the world. 170 species of birds including toucans, manikins, tanagers, and oilbirds can all be found in Trinidad & Tobago.

Beautiful tropical bird with yachts in the background

We’ve all had the opportunity to pet them in our local aquariums but these feral little guys aren’t so docile. Prehistorically old, these slender, gliding creatures can be found in abundance in Stingray City, just next to the Grand Cayman’s North Sound. Once here you won’t have to do much searching to get intimate with stingrays. Scuba diving isn’t necessary to gain a closer look, just some goggles and a snorkel.

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