We’ve been chatting to Sonja McGinn, the founder of SACQUA, a new sailing brand loved by many sailors for its unique trademarked designer boat-loader. The business idea began while she was on her first yacht charter with her young family in the South of France, booked with us.



Sonja said: “We picked up our beautiful Harmony 47 in Antibes – Port Vauban. We had young children and wanted good weather, no tides and lots of marinas where we could moor up without having to do a long passage everyday.


“LateSail was fantastic in helping us decide where would be the best marina to pick up our charter boat, not to mention the excellent price and super customer care that we received to assist us throughout the booking process. We became charter addicts and ended up chartering several times in a number of different countries through Late Sail over the years and became guru charterers!


“The only problem was baggage. I found I was restricted in flying light with only 15kg and our traditional sailing bags could not be used as hand luggage on the flight, as they were bulky and are heavy. We needed a very large loading receptacle for going ashore in the rib to the villages and beaches that could hold the dinghy gear for the children, from flippers to centre boards! The receptacle needed to be space-saving on board, look chic, be very light and small enough to fit into our cabin luggage and hold up to 20kg. But I couldn’t find anything anywhere so the solution was to design my own and the SACQUA bag journey began!”



The affordable SACQUA bag is is a compact, space-saving, voluminous and lightweight loading product that folds flat to the dimensions of an A3 envelope. It can fit into the chart table or locker on the boat or into your hand/cabin luggage on the flight and yet opens out into a rectangular 70-litre volume receptacle which can hold up to 20 kilograms.


It seals closed quickly and securely with the velcro seal which is ideal for cold, sandy, wet fingers or gloves when racing. The carabiner feature clips the SACQUA to the boat/rib or the boat keys to the bag. It is water resistant and wipes clean easily. It is so versatile it can be used for all water sports and any vessel, from a dinghy to a super yacht. In elegant ports, the SACQUA looks the part too!


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