Last minute or early bird booking?

Here’s our 10 golden rules when it comes to booking and getting the best deals ...

2nd May 2018

1. Book last minute

Large global and local operators offer their best last minute discounts within four to six weeks of departure, often up to 50%. We are the world’s largest yacht charter market consolidator and we’ve hundreds of exclusive deals. Availability can be limited for last minute bookings, so flexibility on dates, destination and boat specifications is important. Use our Deal Finder to find some of the best deals…


2.  Avoid school holidays

School holidays are the most expensive time to travel, which is difficult for those of us who are working in education or have school age kids or grandchildren. There are still good discounts available, but we recommend looking at where is most affordable to fly to first.


3. Don’t book high season

High season is popular because you get the best of the weather, but it can be very busy. If you sail in low season, you’ll still find fair weather, fewer people at popular spots and cheaper prices.

In the Mediterranean in spring, you’ll find yachts are coming out of winter maintenance and the temperatures are warm, although the sea is cool. In the autumn, Greece and Turkey offer the last of the summer heat right up to the end of October.

Further afield, the Caribbean, Seychelles and Thailand offer high temperatures all-year round but with high humidity and increased chances of rain in low season. Talk to us to find the best low season prices for you.


4. Summer in the Caribbean

If you want temperatures around 30 degrees, consider the Caribbean between July and October and you’ll sail 10 days for the price of seven during low season. It’s humid, but the trade winds provide a cooling breeze or you can look for a boat with air conditioning.


5. Sail one way

If a charter fleet has to move a boat between two destinations, they’ll have to pay a skipper so they will offer a discounted charter instead. You can easily fly in and out of different destinations with low-cost airlines such as EasyJet and Ryanair. It’s a great way to sail with more chances for island hopping without having to double back to base and there’s the challenge of getting between two destinations within a timescale. 

Find discounted one way charters at

6. Become an early bird

Late deals offer fantastic discounts, but you can get deals for being super organised and booking early depending on your chosen destination. You’ll also find a wider choice of flights, boats and destinations. So if you want choice, plan ahead.


7.  Visit boat shows

If you can book early, visit boat shows as you’ll find discounts of up to 10% extra. You may also find other incentives if you book a certain number of months before departure.


8. Loyalty discounts

Tell us who you chartered with before, whether it was with us or another company, as you’ll qualify for a loyalty discount and we’ll build this into the price. You can usually combine this discount with other offers, such as early booking discounts.


9. Make us an offer

While discounts can be substantial, sometimes you need to stick to a budget. Our Name Your Price service means we can approach operators with the price you are prepared to pay, which can secure great deals.


10. Local costs

It’s good to get clued up on the other expenses for different destinations, such as mooring fees, marina costs, eating out and flights. We can help you keep the costs low, as no one likes unexpected surprises. For example, flying to Croatia is cheaper than Greece but this is offset as you’ll pay nightly marina fees in Croatia but not in Greece.


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