Our guide to sailing the islands of the Seychelles

4th Dec 2018

Situated just over 1,000 miles from the coast of east Africa, the Seychelles comprise of 115 tiny islands dotted throughout the Indian Ocean. Offering year-round sailing, the islands are famous for their photo ready beaches, myriad of endangered wildlife, lush flora and fauna and brilliant island-hopping opportunities.

The pearly white sandy beaches are like powder under your feet and the clear jade coloured waters allow for some of the best snorkelling and diving in the world. Go diving among colourful corals, see hundreds of species of inquisitive fish, enjoy the quiet anchorages and benefit from the warm winds that help make the Seychelles one of the worlds most wonderful sailing destinations.

With so many islands to choose from, it’s difficult to make sure your sailing itinerary contains the very best of the bunch. To help, we’ve pulled together our favourite locations and the best places to eat and drink around the islands to help you plan the perfect sailing charter.

Ian Fleming’s James Bond character, Milton Krest, was named after a beverage the writer had on a holiday in the Seychelles.

Our top five islands to visit when sailing the Seychelles


Before setting sail, make sure you spend a few hours on Praslin, the second largest island in the Seychelles. Visit the Praslin National Park with its UNESCO World Heritage nature park, Vallée de Ma. The park is home to the Coco de Mer tree which contains the largest seeds in the world. Head to one of the beautiful beaches such as Grande Anse or see the gigantic boulders at Anse Lazio.

Anse Lazio beach at Praslin island, Seychelles

Cote d’Or on Praslin Island was once a hideout for famous pirate Olivier Levasseur. His $160,000 of hidden treasure remains unfound!

2. Grande Soeur

Along with Petite Soeur, Grande Soeur is one of the ‘Sister Islands’ but is the larger of the two at almost 100ha. Although the island has only one main property, the inhabitants are on hand to make sure that the visitors to the island receive the very best welcome. The island is private, so access is only available to boats from the Seychelles – meaning you’re free to enter on a LateSail yacht charter.

Enjoy a beach barbecue along with fellow sailors on one of the Instagram ready beaches and partake in a spot of snorkelling and swimming in the beautifully clear waters where you can see a range of sealife.

Anse Cocos, Seychelles

Grand Soeur Island has only five permanent inhabitants

3. Curieuse

Located off the north coastline of Praslin, Curieuse is another of the populated islands of the Seychelles. Apart from Praslin, Curieuse is the only other island where the Coco de Mer tree grows in its natural habitat. While it was used as a leper colony up until 1965, don’t let that put you off! The fact it was avoided by the general public for so many years is the reason why its ecosystem continues to thrive.

Visit the coral nursery, one of the only places on earth where natural corals are grown to enhance survival. Head to the rangers station and see one of the giant Aldabra tortoises or hike from Baie Laraie to Anse St. José through thick mangroves before relaxing on the beach and enjoying the wonderful Seychellois sunshine.

Tropical island at Seychelles

The island of Curieuse is home to more than 300 giant Aldabra tortoises who all roam freely

4. La Digue

Famous for its picturesque beaches, La Digue is an island of of extreme beauty. It is home to a range of diverse wildlife which can be witnessed from the islands Veuve Nature Reserve. The best way to experience the island in all of its wonderful glory is to hire a bike, hop on and cycle across the varied terrain. It may be tiring but it will be worth it.

Visit the Anse Source D’Argent beach with its giant granite boulders or head to Anse Bonnet Carré, an isolated beach on the south of the island with shallow waters. Swimming and snorkelling around the island will reward you with views of varied marine life which all swim casually through the mesmerizing jade coloured waters that surround this true paradisiacal location.

La Digue island, Seyshelles, Anse Source d'Argent

Anse Source D’Argent beach is where both the Bounty and Malibu adverts were filmed.

5. Cousin Island

At only 27ha, Cousin Island is one of the smaller islands in the Seychelles but holds just as much charm and intrigue. A sea and land reserve, Cousin Island is protected under Seychelles law in an attempt to conserve the wildlife and ecosystem.

Explore the lush mangroves, the rocky hillsides and the beautiful beaches and go in search of the island’s large tortoises. A birdwatchers utopia, the island is home to the only remaining Seychelles Warblers, tiny songbirds which live in the trees that take up a large proportion of the island.

Cousin Island was the first sea and island reserve in the Indian Ocean and the first owned protected area in the world.

Top five places to eat and drink in Seychelles

  1. Les Lauriers Restaurant, PraslinCovered in hundreds of palm leaves and serving some of the tastiest food in the Seychelles, Les Lauriers is located in Praslin and serves up a mix of Creole infused foods with local Seychellois delicacies. Try the octopus curry while sipping on a cold cocktail.
  2. Curieuse Seychelles, Praslin – Another of Praslin’s finest restaurants, Curieuse Seychelles is part of the Raffles Group and a real treat. The only Asian restaurant in the Seychelles, the Curieuse offers a range of Indian, Chinese and South East Asian dishes including locally caught Chinese spiced fish and fragrant Thai salads.
  3. Chez Jules, La DigueA laid back restaurant located on the Anse Banane beach on the east coast of La Digue, Chez Jules offers up tasty Creole inspired cuisine while you relax and look out over the calm waters that lap against the shore. We recommend trying the locally caught fish burgers served in a coco sauce along with a ‘Jules Special’ cocktail.
  4. Coco Rouge, Praslin – Referred to as the finest takeout in Praslin, the Coco Rouge is the perfect place to grab some food and head to the small tables on the beach to enjoy the tasty flavours that await you. Pricing is very reasonable and you even get to choose your own fish for them to cook. With that in mind, opt for the fresh fish salad and enjoy with an ice cold banana smoothie.
  5. Le Domaine de L’Orangeraie, La Digue A restaurant situated in one of the most luxurious hotels on the island,  Le Domaine de L’Orangeraie serves the finest cuisine in a tranquil setting overlooking the Anse Source d’Argent beach. Opt for fresh palm heart and smoked fish salads or homemade fish burgers served with local breadfruit.

One week Seychelles sailing itinerary

Day 1 Ste Anne Bay (Praslin) – Relax in Ste Anne Bay before setting sail to Curieuse. Enjoy a meal at one of our recommended restaurants.

Day 2 Ste Anne Bay- Curieuse (8 miles) – Discover the island of Curieuse. Moor overnight and enjoy the tranquil setting under the stars.  

Day 3 Curieuse – Cousin Island – Anse Lazio (9 miles) – Visit the nature reserve in cousin Island before relaxing on the Anse Lazio beach. Moor overnight.

Day 4 Anse Lazio – La Digue – Sail to La Digue where you can hire a bike and explore the island.

Day 5 Marianne and Felicite Islands – Cocos Islands (13 miles) – Relax at leisure on one of the smallest visited islands in the Seychelles.

Day 6 La Digue – Grande Soeur Island – Ste Anne (11 miles) – Visit the larger of the ‘Sister Islands’ and enjoy a barbecue on the beach before heading back to base.

Day 7 Disembark (Praslin)

Flying to the Seychelles

Flights to the Seychelles are available from London Gatwick Airport (LGW) to Seychelles International Airport on Mahe Island(SEZ) via Hamad International Airport in Qatar (DOH) with British Airways and Qatar Airways. The marina in Praslin is located 40km from Mahe and can be reached by a 15-minute Air Seychelles flight or a one-hour ferry journey. Speak to us about helping to arranged your transfer.

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