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12th Dec 2018

Renowned for our amazing special offers on bareboat yacht charters, we are also thrilled to be able to offer you another exciting way to sail the seas thanks to our partnerships with some of the world’s leading charter companies.

We bring LateSail customers two additional sailing experiences – crewed yacht charters and crewed by the cabin charters. These types of charter allow you to relax in first class comfort on a spacious yacht with your own crew to look after all of your needs. The skipper and private chef have years of local knowledge and experience and are there to help create the most amazing, bespoke travel adventure.

Not sure how they work? Don’t worry, here’s everything you need to know.

Sailing crewed: what is it?

Sailing on a crewed yacht charter is probably the most opulent way to explore the seas. Offering a top end all-inclusive experience, you hire out the yacht for yourself and your party of up to eight in one of a number of destinations, from the BVIs to Thailand to the Med, and will be looked after by a private skipper and chef, available to cook all of your meals exactly as you want them. Think of it as a floating villa surrounded by the most amazing swimming pool and without any of the crowds!

Do I need sailing experience?

No, that’s the beauty of a crewed charter, you get your very own skipper to sail you around your chosen destination, stopping off wherever you want to. However, if you are an experienced sailor and want to get involved, that’s OK too. Your skipper will be happy to sail however you want to.

Is it affordable?

Absolutely! The crewed experience can be enjoyed with just yourself and a partner or you can take the whole family or a group of friends, dividing the overall cost of the yacht between you. We have some amazing special offers available, starting from just £125 per person per day for eight guests.

Can we choose the route?

Yes, of course. The beauty of a crewed charter is that it is bespoke to you, from the places you anchor to the meals you eat each evening. The crew are there to help you make decisions with the help of their local knowledge but are ultimately at your service for the duration of your cruise.

What if there are only two of us needing one cabin and we don’t want to hire the whole yacht for ourselves?

That’s no problem either! We are delighted to be able to offer an exclusive by the cabin crewed service thanks to our partnership with leading charter company, Dream Yacht Charter.

This option allows you to experience a crewed charter along with fellow travellers where you pay for just your cabin. You still get all the benefits of a crewed experience but at a fraction of the cost. You simply book your cabin, hop onboard and explore the destination along with new found friends. Your meals will still be cooked freshly every evening by the yacht’s private chef and you’ll still benefit from the skipper’s local knowledge and experience.

How do I find out more?

Simply call our team of knowledgeable charter agents today on 01227 479900 or email info@latesail.com who will be able to match your needs with the perfect yacht charter.

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