Discover the Lycian coastline of Turkey with our essential sailing guide

The clear waters, long sunny days and beautiful sheltered anchorages make for perfect sailing in charming Turkey.

30th Jan 2019

When looking for a Mediterranean sailing holiday, it may skip your mind to consider the beautiful Lycian coastline of Turkey. But thanks to our our partners at Dream Yacht Charter, who have re-opened their Turkish base, there’s no reason why it shouldn’t be at the top of your list once again. The summer season, running from April to October, welcomes temperatures in the mid 30s, with the sun glistening off the surface of the cobalt seas and winds being fair – the very best sailing conditions you could wish for. The D-Marina Göcek itself is spectacular, with fabulous amenities including a supermarket for all of your provisioning needs, great facilities and wi-fi.


Allow yourself time to relax onboard your yacht as you charter along the magnificent shoreline from the base in Göcek, the perfect gateway to explore the wonderful area of Fethiye with some of the most glorious beaches in the world. We have some great ideas for the top places to visit and things to see and do while on a sailing holiday to Turkey.

Santa Claus is actually from Turkey! Saint Nicholas was born in Turkey and is believed to be buried on Gemiler Island near to Fethiye.

Our top five places to visit when sailing the Lycian Coast of Turkey

Famous for its Blue Lagoon, the beach at Olu Deniz is one of the most beautiful in the world, and a popular tourist location for those looking for paradise in the Mediterranean. The long sandy beach is an inviting destination for those looking to spend the day moored off the coast and is perfect for snorkelling and swimming, with visibility being exceptional.

Translated, Olu Deniz actually means ‘Dead Sea’.

Moor up and head inland for the day on a visit to the ancient Lycian Tombs of Amyntas. Located around 20km from the base at D-Marina Göcek, these magnificent tombs are carved into a mountain rock face and were built during the 4th century AD.

The ancient Lycians believed that the dead were carried to heaven by angels, thus resulting in them using burial chambers higher up so the winged creatures could easily take them to the afterlife. While you can’t actually go inside any of the chambers, the sight of them alone is enough to leave you with a sense of wonderment and allow you to see history in all its glory.

The tombs of Amyntas are just one of over 70 Lycian settlements located in Turkey.

Enjoy a day on Gemiler Island, located off the coast of Fethiye. The island is small but home to some ornate Byzantine churches and other ecclesiastical buildings, thought to have been built between the 4th and 6th centuries AD. In addition to the religious architecture, the island is also home to an inviting beach and has many safe anchorages, ideal for sailors to moor at for the day before exploring the historical island. Provisioning options are good, with plenty of individual bars and restaurants located along the shores.

Gemiler Island is also known as St. Nicholas Island due to the original tomb of the saint being located here.

Surrounded by lush green trees, Kapi Creek is located close to the marina at Göcek and is an ideal spot for sailors to visit. The beautiful bay provides sheltered anchorages and is perfect for a place to moor overnight. Visitors will have use of on-site facilities including a newly refurbished toilet and shower block and can enjoy a meal ashore while watching the sunset. During the day, the bay is full of fellow sailors and is a great place to enjoy the warm waters for spot of snorkelling and swimming

Kapi Creek is sometimes referred to as Four Fathom Cove.

Head to Sarsala for a day of adventure in a picturesque setting. The tiny bay is located close to Göcek and provides excellent watersport opportunities including windsurfing and water skiing. For avid divers, Sarsala is also home to a dive wreck where you can see a range of species of fish and whale sharks in the clear cobalt waters. There are a number of restaurants dotted along the shoreline for you to enjoy lunch or dinner and the bay has plenty of sheltered anchorages to moor at overnight.

Top five places to eat and drink on a sailing holiday to Lycian Coast

  1. Cawa Cawa, Olu Deniz  Located in Olu Deniz, Cawa Cawa is one of the best rated restaurants in the area. Located close to the beach, visitors can enjoy fresh locally caught fish, char grilled meats and delicious fresh salads while overlooking the golden sandy beaches and shimmering seas.
  2. Gozde Restaurant, SarsalaOn the beach overlooking the bay, Gozde Restaurant is a beautiful little establishment offering up tasty food with spectacular views. Opt for light lunches of Mediterranean salads or enjoy a cold beer while watching other yachts entering the bay.
  3. Kapi Restaurant, Kapi Creek – Situated in the quiet cove, Kapi Restaurant offers delicious Turkish cuisine while overlooking the beautiful bay. Enjoy fresh salads, delicious marinated lamb and plump juicy olives.
  4. The Breeze, D-Marina Resort – Located at the end of the marina overlooking the Mediterranean, The Breeze offers some of the finest seafood in Göcek. Choices include fresh seafood such as lobster and crab and Mediterranean couscous salads, all perfect for washing down with a crisp glass of wine.
  5. Can Restaurant, Göcek– Serving up some delicious Turkish meze, the Can Restaurant is an ideal place to visit for a delicious meal overlooking the beautiful bay of Göcek and surrounded by ancient yucca trees. The restaurant’s signature dish, tuzda balık, or fish baked in salt, is a must try while there.

One week Lycian Coast sailing itinerary

Day 1: Embark your yacht at the D-Marina, Göcek

Day 2: Sail south to Kapi Creek

Day 3: Enjoy a day at leisure in Sarsala

Day 4: Sail from Sarsala to Fethiye and head inland to visit the Lycian Tombs at Amyntas

Day 5: Sail to Gemiler Island and visit the tomb of St. Nicholas

Day 6: Sail south to Olu Deniz and enjoy a day on the beach

Day 7: Head back to the marina in Göcek

Day 8: Disembark

Flying to Göcek

Flights to Dalaman Airport  (DLM) which is close to the base in Göcek are available from London Gatwick Airport (LGW) and most regional airports with British Airways and other low cost airlines. Transfers from Dalaman Airport to Göcek D-Marina via taxi take around 30-minutes and can be booked in advance. Speak to us if you would like help arranging your transfer.

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