Video: RNLI’s top safety tips for a yacht charter holiday

Yacht charter holidays are among the best trips you can take and create a lifetime of memories. They give you the freedom to explore a multitude of destinations at your own pace.

8th May 2019

It is always important to keep safety at the forefront of your mind when out on charter. We’ve teamed up with the RNLI for their #MayDayEveryDay campaign to bring you a video of some top safety tips for your next trip away. 

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Take your life jacket with you

We advise you to wear a life jacket on your charter, making sure it’s in good condition. Lifejackets are usually provided by our operators but we advise you to take your own.

According to the RYA, the Civil Aviation Authority says that passengers can take no more than two small carbon dioxide cylinders fitted into a self-inflating life-jacket, plus no more than two spare cartridges – subject to the airline’s approval.

Check the safety kit

Every yacht available through LateSail is maintained to a high standard and will come with a safety kit as standard.

The contents of the safety kit can vary between each charter destination. So when you get on board, make sure you know where it is and that you’re happy with the kit provided. If you think there’s anything missing, let your charter operator know.

Make sure once you’re on board, that you know where the safety kit is and that you’re happy with its condition.

Yacht charter equipment
Make sure you're happy with the equipment provided before departing

Pay attention to tides and weather forecasts

We know as sailors how important the weather and tides are on a yacht and sometimes we have to change our itinerary depending on the conditions.

Countries in our most popular destination, the Mediterranean, are known as non-tidal as the tide only vary by a few centimetres in amplitude.

Always check the weather forecast and tide times

The Mediterranean is known for its great sailing conditions, but it can be as changeable as elsewhere so make sure you pay attention to the forecast.

If you charter a yacht in other more far-flung destinations, such as Thailand, you will need to pay closer attention to tides and weather. An exception to this is the Caribbean, as it is non-tidal due to its geographic nature.

Before booking a bareboat charter with us it’s best to check you’re comfortable with the tidal activity and weather conditions expected along your route.

Know how to use the radio

Every chartered yacht must have an appropriately qualified person on board who knows how to use the VHF radio and make an emergency call if needed.

Hopefully it will never be needed to put into practice, it is wise to make sure the rest of your crew know how to use the radio to call for help in case of an emergency situation.

Let the operator know if there is any safety equipment missing

Practise the man overboard procedure

Although very unlikely to be needed, it’s better to be prepared. It’s important that everyone on board a yacht charter knows what do in a man overboard situation.

The RYA has a comprehensive guide to the man overboard procedure on their website.

Help support the RNLI in May

We’re proud to be supporting the RNLI’s Mayday campaign to help fund vital kit that protects their volunteers in all weather.

When you book with us during May, you can make a £5 donation to the RNLI with your booking. For every customer donation made, we will match it and also donate £5 to the RNLI.

The RNLI is the largest charity that focuses on saving lives at sea around the coast of the UK. We feel connected to this charity as our General Manager Sebastian, is a volunteer at his local RNLI station in Kent.

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