Video: 8 things you should take on a yacht charter holiday

When going on a sailing holiday, there are a few things we recommend you take with you to make sure you’re equipped not only for the weather, but to also enjoy those moments of rest and relaxation.

20th May 2019

We asked our friends at the RNLI what they would take as part of our support for the RNLI’s Mayday campaign to help fund vital kit that protects their volunteers in all weather.

Watch the video below and read on to discover our tips… 

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A good book

For those quiet moments when you’re not sailing, swimming, exploring or eating, it’s worth taking a good book with you.

If you want to read some nautical-related material, Atlas & Boots has a fantastic list of 25 of the best sailing books to inspire you.

We’d love to know what reads you’d recommend – let us know on our Facebook page at LateSail Charters.

A good book will help while away the time at anchor

Music and Bluetooth speaker

There’s nothing better than having the freedom to listen to your music on a yacht charter holiday.

Our team has put together three different Spotify playlists you can tune into. We recommend you download these playlists before you leave home. But if you are UK-based and sailing in the EU, internet data will come from your personal allowance as normal.  

Let us know what you think!

Our Spotify playlists are guaranteed to keep you entertained

Waterproof camera

The Mediterranean and Caribbean have an abundance of marine life to explore. So anchor up, get your snorkeling gear on and capture the myriad of fish with a waterproof camera.

The team at recommend the GoPro Hero7 Black and also offer other helpful in-depth guides to snorkeling equipment.

Our personal favourite spots to snorkel in the Mediterranean are on and around the Corfu coastline and the North Ionian cluster of islands including Paxos and Antipaxos.

In the Caribbean, you really are spoilt for choice – but we love the Bahamas, Barbuda and St Lucia.

Capture footage of the marine life with a waterproof camera

A good hat

Often forgotten but very important, a hat is an essential item to pack on a yacht charter. You’ll be spending a lot of time outside under the sun and it’s easy to get sunburnt without the additional protection and shade that a hat gives you.

We recommend a secure fitting cap or visor, or one with a retainer clip like these Musto ones. Some days will be windier than others and you don’t want to lose your hat when you’re miles away from the nearest shop.

A life jacket

We advise you to wear a life jacket on your charter, making sure it’s in good condition before using it. Emergency lifejackets are usually provided by our operators but we advise you to take your own.

According to the RYA, the Civil Aviation Authority says that passengers can take no more than two small carbon dioxide cylinders fitted into a self-inflating life-jacket, plus no more than two spare cartridges – subject to the airline’s approval.

For more safety tips, take a look at our top safety tips for a yacht charter holiday made in collaboration with the RNLI.


Like the hat, suncream is often forgotten and it’s so important to stay well protected under the strong UV rays of the Mediterranean or Caribbean.

Kids are especially prone to sunburn on yacht charters as they’re in and out of the water swimming every day.

Capture footage of the marine life with a waterproof camera

We advise taking shade under the cockpit canopy or awning when the sun’s strongest, between 11am and 2pm.

Here’s a great guide to eco-friendly water-resistant sunscreens available in the UK.

ICC licence

If you’re planning to charter a yacht abroad, the International Certificate of Competence for Operators of Pleasure Craft (ICC) shows evidence of competence to foreign officials.

We always recommend to take yours if you have one, as most countries will want to see evidence of your abilities . If you need to get an ICC licence, Sailing Logic offers a one day assessment course at its Port Hamble Marina.

The RYA has more information about the ICC and what it does and doesn’t do on their website.

Key float

A floating keychain is an item you should never be without on a yacht charter.

We like this one by UK-based SwimCell on Amazon which comes free when you buy a SwimCell waterproof phone case which is also extremely useful.

If your keys or phone happen to go overboard, with a good float you won’t have to worry about diving down to get them!

You don't want to have to go diving to get your keys back...;

Help support the RNLI in May

When you book with us during May, you can make a £5 donation to the RNLI with your booking. For every customer donation made, we will match it and also donate £5 to the RNLI.

The RNLI is the largest charity that focuses on saving lives at sea around the coast of the UK. We feel connected to this charity as our General Manager Sebastian, is a volunteer at his local RNLI station in Kent.

Read our top safety tips for a yacht charter holiday, in collaboration with the RNLI.

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