Review: Jeanneau Sun Loft 47

Recently we headed down to Marseille to take a look at the brand new Jeanneau Sun Loft 47, an innovative new style of yacht developed for the charter market.

1st Jul 2019

Lynn, Yacht Charter Sales Consultant

The Jeanneau Sun Loft 47 is a ‘monocat’ essentially taking all of the deck space and the larger number of berths from a catamaran, and sticking that onto a monohull. 

The idea of this is to bring all of the positives of catamaran cruising at a cheaper cost. Despite this, the Sun Loft maintains a luxury feel. 

I went to Marseille to experience this new yacht designed for group cabin charters. 

Arriving in Marseille

We landed at Marseille Provence Airport at around 10pm, headed about 100m up the road and grabbed a cab. Little did we know that this driver was in fact Lewis Hamilton himself as we sped through Marseille to reach our hotel for the night. The journey took roughly about 10 seconds, though you can usually expect about 20-30 minutes at peak times.

The Old Port (Vieux Port) of Marseille and surrounding area is full of bars and restaurants, however 5-10 minutes up the road you can find Café Populaire, a small yet wonderful place to meet, eat, and have a few drinks. 

The Old Port of Marseille

The following morning, when we headed down to the Old Port, it was the first time we had laid eyes on it. I’d seen pictures but still found myself somewhat shocked at the size and beauty of the place. At the front of the port is the Quai des Belges, the home to a fisherman’s market every single morning. The marina itself berths all kinds of boats big and small, including the 83ft Ecolorato cat. More importantly, it was the temporary home to the Jeanneau Sun Loft 47. 

First impressions of the Sun Loft 47

First impression? I must say she looked odd. Rather than seeing a flat deck (minus the bimini) the mast looked further forward and the galley now being above deck meant that there was a lot more going on than you’d usually expect on a monohull of her size. However, after a while, the styling grew on me massively, you can see from the pictures that she is a pretty smart looking yacht.

The best way to explain this boat is everything you’d expect to find down below (minus cabins and heads) has been brought above. From the stern moving forwards you have two large seating areas, each with tables and seats that can be folded away. You can have two sets of tables, or day beds, or just a completely empty space should you want it. Underneath the cockpit area you’ll find two large storage compartments, one wet and one completely waterproof. In the wet compartment you can store warps, watertoys, a dinghy, and the dry compartment is large enough for luggage. There’s also additional storage under each of the seats.

Jeanneau Sun Loft 47

Moving forward there are two wheels, and no chart plotter, instead there is a holder for iPads and tablets. Next is the galley. It is equipped with four fridges (there is no freezer but the fridges can be turned down below 0°C). There are a few more large storage compartments, and finally there is one large grilling pan and one stove. 


There are six double cabins on this yacht, two of which can be converted to or from a bunk bed set up. There are four heads in total. The two aft cabins are accessed via a ladder and are equipped with their own storage and heads. The other four double cabins are accessed via a traditional gangway, these are visibly a tad more spacious, but share two heads between the four cabins. Despite everything now being above deck, there’s still more than enough deck space to relax and it is very far away from feeling cramped whatsoever.  

Sun Loft 47 plan

We didn’t have too much time on our hands, and sadly the wind stayed at home that day. Most of our journey was done under engine. Though we couldn’t experience just how she performed under sail, the Sun Loft can really move when the engine is on full whack.

Leaving Marseille’s Old Port

Heading out of the marina is quite the sight, to your left is Basilique Notre-Dame de la Garde, and to your right is Cathédrale de la Major. We cruised past Château d’If before reaching our temporary stop.

Château d'If, Marseille

We anchored up in a quiet bay (Port de Bouc)  just off of the coast of Marseille, this is where we experienced the outdoor living that the boat offered. It was great that the person cooking isn’t down below away from the action! After an hour or two chatting, eating, and relaxing in the sun we began to head back to the old port. On the subject of sun, the Sun Loft does have a retractable roof that spans over the saloon/cockpit area, you can provide as little or as much shade as you like.

Marseille at night

We disembarked, and headed out for food that evening. We dined at a lovely place called Le Vieux Panier. Our table was in a small square at the top of a staircase. Looking down from where we sat, our view was pretty picturesque. Descending stairs, a beautiful evening sun, and Notre-Dame de la Garde as it was lit up for the evening, I would highly recommend. But be warned, the starters are absolutely huge and if your eyes are bigger than your belly, you’re in for a pretty bloated walk home. 

Our walk home, albeit a few pounds heavier, was really quite pleasant. I had completely forgotten that it was a Tuesday night. An electric atmosphere filled the entire Old Port. The fish market that occupied the square that morning was now filled with buskers and illuminated with bright colours. A young brass band provided the soundtrack as we strolled back towards the hotel.


All in all I was super impressed by the Sun Loft. I can see it suiting a large group more than anything, a great yacht to just relax and have a fantastic time on. Much like a catamaran, it’ll excel at a slower, more relaxed approach to yacht charter.


I was equally impressed with Marseille, often missed and overshadowed by its neighbours on the French Riviera, the Old Port was booming with atmosphere and life and made for a great experience altogether. I will certainly be returning. 

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