Today the Aeolian Islands are a favourite destination for Italian celebrities. Pay a visit to Stromboli, the island Dolce and Gabbana call home. As the sun sets, giant flames and molten rock spray from Stromboli’s crater like special effects in a Hollywood blockbuster. Vulcano has mud baths and a volcano that belches sulphurous smoke. You can choose to start from the bustling city that is Palermo, Sant Agata di-Militello to the east and ideally positioned to explore the Aeolian Islands, and further east still Portorossa is right on the tip of Sicily by the messina straights. Another option is Marsala, famous home of the wine and ideally placed to explore the jagged coastlines and sandy beaches of the Egadi Islands just 25 nm off the west coast and volcanic island of Pantelleria.

Sailing conditions

The normal summer winds are from the north-west average Force 4, occasionally from the west. Stronger mistral winds can blow in August, lasting 1-2 days.

Getting there

There are daily flights on low cost airlines from Stansted to Palermo. For bases on the West of the island there are regular flights from the UK to Catania.

Area map

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