Then set sail for the volcanic island of Capraia, the closest island to Corsica; the nature reserve of Montecristo (only accessible with a special permit); the diving paradise of Giglio; and the enchanting coves and Roman remains on Giannutri. Bastia, on Corsica, is within easy reach and is a wonderfully interesting town built around the natural harbor.

Sailing conditions

Winds tend to blow from north in the summer months, and sea conditions are usually relatively calm.

Getting there


Area map


Italy – Tuscany

Day 1: Portisco to Tavolara 18nm

Day 2: Tavolara to Isola di Caprera 24nm

Day 3: Isola di Caprera to Bonifacio 24nm

Day 4: Bonifacio to Isola di Budelli 12nm

Day 5: Isola di Budelli to La Maddelena 9nm

Day 6: La Maddelena to Portisco

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