Then set sail for the volcanic island of Capraia, the closest island to Corsica; the nature reserve of Montecristo (only accessible with a special permit); the diving paradise of Giglio; and the enchanting coves and Roman remains on Giannutri. Bastia, on Corsica, is within easy reach and is a wonderfully interesting town built around the natural harbor.

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Italy - Tuscany

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Italy - Tuscany

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Sailing conditions

Winds tend to blow from north in the summer months, and sea conditions are usually relatively calm.

Getting there


Area map


Italy – Tuscany

Day 1: Portisco to Tavolara 18nm

Day 2: Tavolara to Isola di Caprera 24nm

Day 3: Isola di Caprera to Bonifacio 24nm

Day 4: Bonifacio to Isola di Budelli 12nm

Day 5: Isola di Budelli to La Maddelena 9nm

Day 6: La Maddelena to Portisco

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