In recent years, sailing the Eastern Mediterranean has become quite popular, and for good reason! Places like Greece, Turkey and Croatia offer incredible experiences and opportunities for swimming in crystal clear waters.

Santorini island, Greece

We’ve also discovered that certain routes are quite appropriate for less experienced sailors, with reliable winds and plenty of space for mooring.

You may have heard of Gulet Holidays as a great option for exploring different places in the region. These are the traditional Turkish boats now often used to take groups of holiday goers along the coastlines. They’ll take you to popular spots and good areas for swimming, snorkelling and even shopping.

What’s great about chartering your own boat is that you can do all of the same things, but in the privacy of your own group. Choose whom you’d like to spend your time with and then find an offer from LateSail to accommodate your party.

As long as at least one person in your group is an experienced sailor you can opt for a bareboat charter. The captain can then help designate roles for everyone else- you can plan who’ll complete each task and have fun sailing together from one port to the next.

Omis, Croatia

Choose a catamaran like the Lagoon 380, and you’ll have a total of four separate cabins. You can then divide the costs of the charter among each person. You can also go with a yacht like the Beneteau Oceanis 45. With three cabins and three bathrooms, it also makes for a very comfortable group sailing experience.

If you’re dreaming of a beautiful Eastern Mediterranean cruise, browse our site for the best charter options.Just as with a gulet boat, a yacht or catamaran can take you to secluded islands, coves and beautiful swimming spots.

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