Traveling always has different wardrobe requirements than everyday life, but this is especially apparent when you’re spending your vacation on a boat. What you bring (or leave at home!) can have a strong impact on your trip.

Clothing considerations do vary according the type of sailing vacation you choose. Read on for our top tips to creating the right cruising wardrobe.


Be Realistic

Aboard a boat, even a luxury crewed yacht charter, things like wearing shoes can be considered ‘dressing up’. You’ll mostly need comfortable, practical clothing for your holiday.

Even if you’re planning on spending most of your trip relaxing on deck, do bring non-slip shoes and a pair of comfortable walking shoes for excursions on land.

Check the Weather Forecast

Bring clothes according to the anticipated temperatures in your destination. Feel free to ask us what you should expect! In hot places like the Caribbean, things like jeans and sweaters are almost never needed. But do bring along extra layers to account for the wind chill factor.

You’ll also want to consider the benefits of long cotton trousers and shirts in terms of sun protection. For a warm layer, many people swear by light weight polar fleece jacket. These fold up neatly into your luggage as well.

In colder climates you’ll want to bring an entire warm ensemble- hat, gloves, jacket, vest, etc. You’ll be spending the majority of your time outdoors and it’s easy get cold quickly.

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Protection from the Elements

Sunglasses are very important for protecting your eyes from sun’s rays and the glare off the water. This may be the time to invest in a good polarised pair. You’ll also want to bring a hat that covers your face and neck with a strap that can be tied beneath your skin. Plenty of sun cream is also essential.

Going Ashore

Most sailors like to do their fair share of day trips on land, and this may include dining out. The vast majority of restaurants and pubs that cater to yachters are perfectly fine with casual clothes. But if you plan to visit somewhere a bit more upscale, it never hurts to have a nice shirt or fancier dress on hand.

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