Chartering a yacht is an exciting experience, sure to put you in contact with nature and really breathe new life into your soul. Among the myriad considerations for your trip (where to go, what time of year, etc.) is whom to bring with you. Even on larger yachts you’ll be spending a great amount of time with your group so it’s important to plan wisely.

Above all, you’ll want everyone who comes along to have a good time and therefore allow others to enjoy as well.                                           shutterstock_63296668

Yachts are normally suitable for people of all ages, including children and the elderly. They do, however, require a certain level of agility to manoeuver around. You may want to ask yourself if your grandmother, for example, will have a difficult time getting from her berth to the deck. And will you be able to enjoy swimming in the Caribbean with your two-year-old in tow?

You’ll also want to think about whether each member of the group will get along well with the others for the entire time you’re at sea. The first few days may be fine, but all it takes is one little argument to put everyone on edge and really cast a shadow over your vacation.


In terms of physical ability, if you’re chartering a crewed yacht you won’t have to worry much about sailing skills or strength. But, if you plan to do some serious hiking or snorkelling you’ll want to think about whether everyone is able to participate; or perhaps there’s something else they can do if everyone else sets off to do something adventurous.

With a bareboat charter you will need a few able-bodied crew members to assist you.


Every group is different, but it pays to carefully select your group in order to have the best experience possible. In terms of destinations we will gladly advise you on the benefits of each destination for different groups.

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