When it comes time to book a sailing charter many seasoned sailors are well aware of the fact that you don’t have to book directly from a larger operator.
Brokers can often help you find the very best deal around, especially if you’re willing to go on slightly shorter notice. Just like the people who have become experts at finding the cheapest flights on the internet, sailors are becoming much savvier when it comes to finding the best prices; much of this has to do with the broker.

So how do you choose your broker?

There are many new bareboat charter companies that have recently come onto the scene, offering good vacations and reasonable rates. LateSail, however, puts years of experience at each client’s disposal.logo 300dpi

If you haven’t already sailed in a certain destination it can be hard to figure out exactly when and where to go. Your charter will only last a short time and you want to ensure you really make the most out of every day spent out on the water. This is where an experienced team can really make the difference!
There are so many factors involved when it comes to planning a successful charter- from the group you decide to sail with to the boat you choose, and perhaps most importantly; where to go.
Friends can offer advice but when it comes time to make your payment you want to be really sure you’re getting exactly what you bargained for.
Our service means you won’t just hand over your credit card details and arrive in port to make your way wherever the wind takes you. By the time our clients are ready to board their flight to Athens, for example, or touch down in Tortola, they’ve received extensive information about every aspect of their charter.
Instead of just reviewing offers online and quickly processing payment, those who reserve with LateSail can enjoy a full informational chat if they so desire. Our staff has over 65 combined years of personal experience in many sailing destinations. This means they can advise on where to go, what time of year, what not to miss and which boat will be best.
Access to thousands of discounted charters also means we can take any and all budgets into account when searching for the right offer.
A quick look at our Meet the Team page will show you that our team members really span the globe, not only in terms of location but experience and knowledge as well. We have people with years of experience guiding groups in the Caribbean, as well as those who have a passion for sailing in the Eastern Med. LateSail’s Dan Lockyer was a professional skipper in both the Mediterranean and the Caribbean before founding the company in 1999.

One of the best reasons to give LateSail a call is that there will be someone on the other end ready to personalize your sailing experience and tailor a charter offer just for you.
Some skippers are just setting off on their first solo voyage, while others are experienced sea dogs just looking for the best offer. Whether you’re looking for a breezy sailing experience in well charted waters, or want to try something new and different we can present you with a range of options.
LateSail also recognizes the fact that some sailors have been there and done that; they know where they want to go and how much they’d like to pay, no additional information necessary. For this there is our Name your Price option, where we will find a suitable charter at the right price.
With such an experienced team clients can really enjoy a higher level of service; one where from start to finish their charter broker does everything possible to ensure each vacation lives up to all expectations.



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