Dipping below the surface and taking a look life underwater is one of life’s great pleasures. First-time snorkellers are often in awe of just how therapeutic and simply incredible it can be to see fish, colorful coral and other marine animals in their natural habitats. It often becomes a pleasant lifelong obsession, perhaps progressing into diving. Snorkelling is a top priority during many bareboat charters in warm waters.

Snorkellers are looking for crystal clear visibility and reefs chock-full of fish. It’s also nice to go to places where you don’t expect to see too many other snorkellers; where you and your group can explore at your leisure without bumping hulls with other sailors or kicking each other with your flippers.


When it comes to underwater visibility and beautiful snorkelling destinations you really can’t go wrong in the Bahamas. Read on for a few of the best place to go during your Bahamas charter. Our experts can also help guide you.

Stocking Island in the Exumas

This island is just a mile away from George Town which is the capital of the Exumas. The area has long been renowned among sailors and visitors for its crystalline waters. Stocking Island is a long, thin strip of land that boasts underwater caves, brilliant coral pools of fresh water floating on the ocean water; also known as blue holes.

Grand Bahama

Although not so far removed from the highest volumes of tourism, Grand Bahama offers its fair share of beautiful snorkelling spots. These include Gold Rock and Silver Point Reef, with stunning coral beds. Visitors also love Ben’s Cave; part of the Lucayan Caverns.



Bimini’s attraction comes in the form of black coral gardens that can be accessed easily from the shore. It also has plenty of colorful marine life in between, creating a stunning contrast. Dolphins can be spotted, and there is even a section of large flat rocks that some claim are a foot path to the mythical city of Atlantis.

Elbow Cay

One of the first stops in our suggested itinerary, Elbow cay’s waters are kept crystal clear by a Gulf Stream current. This rush of water cleanses and purifies the waters, resulting in excellent visibility in places like Mermaid Beach; with a very colorful reef and gorgeous marine life.

San Salvador

If you venture farther into the southern region of the Bahamanian Islands (a supreme benefit of captaining your own boat) you’ll be blessed with the chance to explore some of its most pristine areas. San Salvador is relatively undiscovered in comparison with many of the other islands in the Bahamas. It features gorgeous snorkeling at places like Grotto Bay and Sandy Point.


Long Island

Also in the southern Bahamas, Long Island has beach coves on its eastern side that offer a number of opportunities to discover amazing snorkelling spots. It also has good conditions for seeing plenty of underwater wildlife near several of its beaches.

You can even plan a Bahamas charter tour to cover some of the area’s best snorkelling hot spots. Our experts have years of experience sailing in the region and can help you chart the best course to create a snorkeler’s dream vacation. Contact us today!

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