Did you know there are 365 beaches in Antigua and Barbuda? That’s one for every day of the year, so there’s plenty of choice  when it comes to enjoying the beauty and thrill of the sea.


Beautiful bay in Antigua

Finding the right anchorages

We’ve given our lowdown on a few anchorages within Antigua and Barbuda below:

  • If you are looking for some social interaction, we advise trying Morris Bay. This protected anchorage is perfect for larger yachts although the  wind prevents yachts lying close to shore.
  • For a calm, quiet anchorage, head to Pearns and Reeds point at the entrance marker to Jolly Harbor Marina. Here  there’s a fantastic array of shops and restaurants for some shore browsing.
  • Be careful if you’re planning to use Parham Harbour, located on the north coast. It has a channel leading into the harbor that is easy to spot but dangerous to try and enter or leave when dark. It’s a well-protected anchorage but there is a small hurricane hole on the southeast side.
  • With the windward side offering protection from the sea, Nonsuch Bay has plenty of anchorages. Just don’t enter Nonsuch Bay from the northern channel and only use it in daylight. From here you’ll find amazing cuisine and little spots to explore. Our top tip: Fanny Cove is great for snorkeling.

    English harbour_Antigua

    English harbour,Antigua

Keeping safe and secure

Antigua and Barbuda are generally safe, but as with any other vacation, you will want to  use common sense and be careful.

Antigua’s marinas are well protected with guards and anyone working on the docks is required to have a recognizable ID. The streets are safe, but while on vacation many of us tend to let our guard down, so just remember to use the same level of care as you would when visiting any other vacation destination.



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