When packing for your charter, packing light is the name of the game. Storage on sailing yachts is limited, so bringing just the necessities is encouraged.

sailing essentials

Sailing essentials

The necessities:

-First thing’s first, soft-sided luggage like a backpack or duffle bag is a must. Hard luggage is difficult to fit in closets and cabinets.

– Sunblock, oil free is best, especially if you are reapplying a lot, and water resistant as you’ll be spending lots of time in the sea! Apply Insect repellent on after sunblock while on the islands.


– Passports and licenses as well as copies of them, in ziplock bags to keep them dry. Bring extra Zip-lock or “dry bags” for money or electronics.

-When it comes to clothing pack light! Some T-shirts, a few pairs of shorts and a couple of swimsuits is all you really need for a trip in the BVI. The lighter the material the better for quick drying. A windbreaker or a light rain coat always comes in handy, something that is easily rolled. Sturdy shoes for exploring islands is a must, even though most of your time of the boat will be spent barefoot. Sunglasses and a hat to shade your eyes from the sun.


-Linen and towels are usually included, but we recommend you still bring your own beach towel. Opt for a quick dry towel, to minimize drying time for the next use.

-Seasickness pills or a patch, just in case you encounter some rough seas.

-Be sure to check the yacht specs of your yacht before you go, to figure out what kind of plugs or adaptors you need to charge any electronics.

The Fun Stuff:

Sailboats often fly flags to show where they have come from.  If you have any flags that you would like to fly (from your country, state, university, favorite sports team, etc) feel free to bring them along!

-Camera with extra batteries and memory card to capture all the fun adventures


– Favorite CDs, all boats have cd players and it’s more reliable than iPods and mp3 players

-Playing cards

-Are you a big cook and can’t wait to prep food in the galley? Be sure to bring some of your favorite herbs and spices (in a pill organizer or zip lock bags) to add zing to simple dishes

-Hammocks and inflatable floats or other water toys are fun too if it’s not a windy day!

Stuff You DO NOT Need To Bring:

  • Cooking and eating implements/utensils
  • Navigation tools, charts.
  • First aid kit; all boats have them on board, but they’re rather basic.
  • Boys and girls – if you can live without it, leave the expensive bling at home and maybe even your hair drier (you’ll be in and out of the sea lots, plus there is often complications with voltages to get them to work)  
  • Work from your office
  • Worries

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