Sailing in the eastern Mediterranean is a beautiful experience, and many people can’t wait to go there for their next bareboat charter. The logical question is where exactly to go? We’re often asked which is better, Greece or Turkey, so read on for a few interesting points to consider.


About Greece


Sunset in Santorini, Greece from a rooftop



Greece has stronger winds, creating the opportunity for some excellent, challenging sailing for those who want to make this part of their itinerary. The months of June to September have the best winds with the very windiest times at the end of July and beginning of August. You can, however find gentle sailing conditions as well- just ask your LateSail advisor.

When sailing in Greece you’ll be able to hop from island to island, and each is a joy to discover. From the pristine beaches and azure seas of the Sporades in the north east to the archetypical Cyclades with their whitewashed houses and traditional tavernas, you can experience something new and different everywhere you go.

Greece’s historical sites include monasteries, castles and fortresses, such as this one on Leros in the Dodecanese Islands.  The country also of course offers delicious cuisine and the unexplainable liveliness of Greek culture.


About Turkey


Kizkalesi (Maiden's Castle), near Mersin, Turkey



Turkey has a long sailing season from April to November. Early and late in the season the winds are quite calm, making for gentle, laid-back sailing. In mid-summer they are strong and fun just as in Greece. There are also many sheltered bays, and generally superior marinas and facilities for yachts.

The country is a great place for exploring ancient historical sites, and you’ll find your fill of ancient ruins and thousand-year-old civilizations. Scenery in Turkey is quite lush and green, and there is a wealth of unspoilt coastline for swimming and snorkelling. The weather tends to be hotter in Turkey, with warmer nights in April and November than in Greece, but it’s also quite hot in the middle of the summer.

With a culture that’s a blend of old and new, Turkey has lovely dining options, very bustling larger cities and friendly people.

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