As the first charter company to offer Name your Price booking, LateSail has a long history of anticipating charterer’s needs and responding in kind.

Our team of experienced sailors uses the latest knowledge of boats and destinations to help people find the best option for their sailing holiday; at a certain point it was easy to see that the market was ready for real-time booking. It just makes sense- it’s so much easier to make a decision and choose a great charter offer if you can see what’s available at that exact moment.very_cool_people

This model follows in the footsteps of online travel agencies like Expedia, which is able to show visitors which flights they can choose from at any given time. It’s a great way to take advantage of last minute deals on unsold inventory, or even plan a trip well in advance.

With real time booking you can visit our website, click on a destination and start planning your sailing vacation right there and then. You’ll see which boats are available on which dates. If you know what you’re looking for you can book your trip in the moment. Our advisors are also available for any questions.


Real time booking hasn’t lowered the level of customer service we offer; our experts have personal experience in the destinations we offer. We also go on special reconnaissance trips to check out the fleets each charter company offers, allowing us to recommend options based on our own observations.

With LateSail, the process of booking your sailing holiday is easy from start to finish. From real time booking to advice from experts we make every effort to facilitate the entire experience.

Make this year’s sailing holiday the best ever- take advantage of real time booking and select from over 6000 charter offers!

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