Destination weddings aren’t for everyone, but if you’re brainstorming and daydreaming about that special event, consider making it truly magical with a flotilla sailing holiday. LateSail can assist you in creating a group of chartered yachts that will give the couple and their guests a majestic event that could well go down as the best wedding they’ve ever attended.


A Wedding Less Ordinary: Flotilla Sailing

Timing Is Everything

Our moorings around the Med offer access to some of the most enviable wedding locations imaginable: Dubrovnik, Elba, Sicily, and many others. This will be a tailor-made flotilla, so you’ll do things a bit backward from the usual planning, in that you first figure out who will attend. Once you know the number of people in your party and per yacht, LateSail will work with you to find charters in the area of your choice; you can have a combination of skippered and bareboat yachts in your party. We can do all this for less than your guests would pay in hotel stays for a week, and without the “wedding tax” you’ll encounter in the fees for booking almost anything connected to weddings these days.

Make the calendar your new best friend. With weddings abroad, your other primary concern will be the paperwork and the timing. Each country or local government will have different requirements, but the dates on your documents are important. For example, in Croatia, your documentation cannot be more than 90 days old, and it must arrive at the registrar’s office a minimum of 30 days before your event. Italy’s requirements are a bit easier on the other hand. Depending on the country, a civil ceremony might need to take place in a certain location, but in Italy you can have your wedding in the venue of your choosing.


Regardless of the destination, all UK citizens need to obtain a Certificate of No Impediment with an apostille. Getting the CNI takes about three weeks, and getting the apostille about three days. The latter can be done by mail or in person at the office located in Milton Keynes.

Other standard paperwork for UK citizens will include:

  •         Passports valid (sometimes for at least a year after the wedding date)
  •         Photocopies of passport picture pages
  •         Official, long-form, signed birth certificates
  •         Divorce Decree (if appropriate)
  •         Deed Poll (if appropriate)
  •         Death certificate (if appropriate)

Now for the Fun Stuff

What else makes a great event? The food, the company, the champagne. A wedding planner can be your other best friend, as they know the ins and outs of booking restaurants or finding caterers. A good place to start is at, which lists planners for countries around the globe and also provides information about paperwork.

As your event will be relatively small, you could also save money by hosting the reception on board the couple’s yacht. You’ll have no shortage of incredible food and wine from which to choose in any of our Mediterranean locations. And the backdrop for the photography? We need hardly say more.

And You’ll Sail Off Into the Sunset

Once you’ve sorted out the number of guests and the needs for skippered or bareboat charters, call us at 01227 479 900 and we can help you create a majestic event at a reasonable price.

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