Start your charter from Fajardo, Puerto Rico and you are perfectly positioned to explore the wonderful Spanish Virgin Islands. From the deserted beach-front relaxation of Isla Culebra to the bizarre beauty of Bahia Mosquito, a trip to this intriguing region of the world guarantees peaceful anchorages, beautiful beaches, and captivating snorkeling galore.

Warm and tropical year-round, Puerto Rico hosts a typical island climate that sees a moderate annual average temperature of 27°C, although the central mountainous interior is always a few degrees cooler than the coastal regions. Easterly trade winds are present throughout the year, providing cooling respite from long, sun-filled days.

Winter and summer in Puerto Rico experience little variation with generally only a swing of around 4 °C between the two seasons which is triggered by the warm waters of the Atlantic that lap the island’s shores. The rainy season makes an appearance from April to November and the hurricane season runs between June and November but plenty of warning is always given.

There are regular scheduled flights from the Puerto Rico via most major US cities. Direct flights are available from: Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Dallas-Fort Worth, Hartford, Los Angeles, Miami, Newark, New York (JFK), Orlando, Philadelphia, Tampa, Fort Lauderdale, and Washington (Dulles).

8 Day

Day 1: Fajardo
Begin your Puerto Rico adventure from the small but popular boating centre of Fajardo in the country’s east.

Day 2: La Cordillera
La Cordillera is a 12 mile stretch of tiny islands and reefs which form part of Puerto Rico’s East Coast Marine Reserve. Lovely anchorages are scattered throughout and the snorkelling and diving is a must-do.

Day 3: Isla de Culebra
Head ashore here for a glimpse into a real Caribbean shanty town enriched with Spanish culture.

Day 4: Dakity Harbour
Sail along the west coast of Isla Culebra and stop at Playa Carlos Rosario where the snorkelling is first-class. Continuing further up the west coast will carry you past mountains and deserted sandy beaches before reaching Peninsula Flamenco and the spectacular beaches of Playa Flamenco, Brava, and Resaca where a snack and a swim is in order.

Day 5: Isla de Culebrita
Cross the Cross the Canal de Cayo Norte today and head to the deserted Isla de Culebrita, part of the Culebra National Wildlife Refuge. This part of the world remains virtually unchanged in the last 500 years and boasts an abandoned lighthouse, soft beaches, reefs, and tide pools that make for picturesque exploration. You may glimpse nesting sea turtles and shore birds along the coastline.

Day 6: Isla de Vieques
Only recently opened to tourism, much of Vieques is a wildlife sanctuary. Stop at Isabel Segundo or Esperanza for quaint, little shops and delicious, local cuisine.

Day 7: Ensenada Honda
The harbour of Ensenada Honda has a pirate-filled history that you won’t want to miss. At the mouth of the Mahia Mosquito is a quiet mangrove bay perfect for kayaking. At night you can see the largest concentration of phosphorescent dynoflagellates in the world light up. Take a swim and experience what has been described as “bathing in the stars” or simply watch as neon fish dart beneath your boat.

Day 8: Fajardo
Time to head back home.

8 Day Itinerary (2)

Day 1: Join your yacht at Puerto day Rey Marina, Fajardo

Day 2: Fajardo to Palominos Island
On Plaominos Island you can be as sedentary or active as you want. Go snorkelling, jet skiing, horseback riding, play beach volleyball, or bring your camera to capture the wildlife.

Day 3: Palominos to Bahia Sardinas in Culebra
Visit the outstanding Flameco Beach in Culebra. Reefs flank the beach, the water is shallow, clear, and calm, and a few U.S. Army tanks from WWII remain stranded on the beach.

Day 4: Bahia Sardinas to Dakity
Dakity’s beach in not sandy, so you may want to just sunbath on your boat or go fishing. The water is beautiful and clear.

Day 5: Dakity to Las Pelas
Las Pelas is a small bay, popular with boaters located on Culebra.

Day 6: Las Pelas to Isabel Segunda on Vieques
Isabel Segunda is the capital of Vieques and is home to a restored fort from the 1840s. There a little shops and restaurants. If you like your vacations to feel off-the-beaten path, you will love this stop.

Day 7: Isabel Segunda to Punta Arenas
The beach at Punta Arenas is a National Wildlife Refuge. This is a family friendly beach and fun to snorkel off of.

Day 8: Punta Arenas to Punta del Rey to disembark

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