We know it can be difficult to understand the technicalities of boat specifications when you are choosing your yacht charter. One of the questions we get asked the most from customers booking a bareboat yacht charter is, what is the difference between sailing a catamaran and a monohull?


Many people want to choose the yacht which offers the most pleasurable voyage, but luckily both offer a fantastic experience. Let’s take a quick look at the main differences.

Moving around on board

Catamarans are a great option if space is a priority, particularly for families. They boast more interior space, so the kids can play without getting in your way. Also, the two hulls and cabins offer greater privacy so they are also the best option for sailing with friends or for honeymooners. Catamarans are the perfect choice for sailors wanting wide, open interiors and easy navigation from cockpit to saloon.


Comfort on the ocean waves

In calm conditions catamarans give a stable, comfortable ride, which is great for children or anyone prone to seasickness. In windier conditions you will find a catamaran crashes into the waves more, where as a monohull becomes the smoother ride as it cuts through waves. Catamarans are also easier at night as they aren’t won’t rock around like a monohull can.


Getting to shore

You may find some of your charter stops-offs are in shallow waters and sailing a catamaran can help. Their hulls are shallower than on a monohull and you’ll be able to get closer to shore which makes dingy access that little bit easier.


Performance and speed

Purists love monohulls for their sailing performance and speed. The classic nautical “V shape” reduces water resistance at the bow and gives a very sharp turning radius. It is also worth considering that a catamaran offers very easy handling with an engine in both hulls.


Cost considerations

Monohull or catamaran charters are often similar where there is equal supply, although two hulls will naturally demand a higher price. Catamarans are more plentiful in the Caribbean, Seychelles and other tropical destinations. Where you will see a bigger difference is in marinas. You need more space to berth a catamaran, so finding a berth in a marina in peak season will be more difficult and will cost more.



Which boat you choose depends on the experience you’re looking for. If your ideal is for a more purist sailing experience, then a monohull will suit you well. If you want a comfortable sail with more privacy and space, then a catamaran might be a more enjoyable choice.

Catamaran recommendations

If you’re looking to charter a catamaran this year, here’s our handy guide comparing the Bali 4.5 and Lagoon 450.

Bali 4.5

A stylish, smooth and quiet sail with innovative open space concept,  large lounge and fridge just like you have a home to store the drinks. A fresh take on a great design.

Lagoon 450

Clever and popular design which maximizes above and below space and has a luxurious feel. Sun worshippers love the forward and foredeck trampolines that provide ample bathing spots. A long-term favorite.

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