The exciting part of setting off to sea is the aspect of exploration and discovery. Those in the know understand that there is so much to experience; things that simply can’t be found on solid ground. LateSail can help you expand your horizons at just a fraction of the cost of normal charter companies.

Our sailing charters are available for many popular destinations. Sometimes you just can’t visit all the places you had in mind during one sailing vacation. But, you can revisit the area whenever you next have the time. You’ll have the chance to return to all your favourite spots, prioritize what you want to see, and venture to places you missed during your last trip.


For another sailing adventure, you may want to set off to a completely unknown place. The sensations of feasting your eyes on entirely new sights and discovering the wonders of a foreign locale are incomparable. It’s interesting to get to know the unique sailing conditions and weather patterns of a new place, along with its particular flora and fauna.

You could also just base your sailing charter decision simply on the best price available. At LateSail we make it easy to view the very best deals at any given time. Our Top 20 list lets you view the highest discounts we have to offer, and you can quickly select the destinations that appeal to you most. Many of our destinations offer several boat choices as well.

Once you have an idea of which discount you’d like to take advantage of, our friendly advisors can help you iron out the details and finalize your plans.

Some of our best sailing charter discounts are for last-minute dates, but you’ll also find offers for dates over 6 months away.

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