You can head East from Macinaggio and over to the Tuscan Islands of Capraia, Elba and Pianosa, close to the Italian Mainland. Napoleon Bonaparte was born in the capital of Ajaccio, where his boyhood home is open to the public. Whale and dolphin sanctuaries surround the islands. In the south of the island Bonifaccio is arguably the most dramatic natural harbor entrance in the world with a narrow gap in the high cliffs opening up to reveal this jewel of a town. The straits of Bonifaccio separate Corsica and the north coast of Sardinia, with its beautiful towns and bays. At the heart of the straits of Bonifaccio lie La Maddelena islands, a national park due to their outstanding natural beauty.

The prevailing persistent winds in this area of the Med are from a Northwest and Southeast direction. During April to October you will encounter thermal breezes in the afternoon. Winds are generally stronger in the gulfs and capes of the islands and anchorages are calm during the night. Water temperatures are between 18-29 degrees C.

Most flights to Corsica will connect through the UK or France.

14 Day

Day 1: Macinaggio/Capraia (18nm)
The rare beauty of this island can be best appreciated from the sea: dotting the coast the island presents charming coves, ancient watchtowers and islets where seagulls nest.

Day 2: Elbe (25nm)
The true priceless treasure of the island is found in the beauty and the variety of its landscape: steep ruddy cliffs; secluded, jagged, green inlets; incredibly white beaches touched by a crystal sea; rough mountains and gentle hills speckled with famed bountiful vineyards.

Day 3: Solenzara (70nm)

Day 4: Porto Vecchio (18nm)

Day 5: Isola della Maddalena (22nm)
Situated in North Sardinia the Archipel de la Maddalena is one of the most beautiful places within the Mediterranean. If the weather is favourable then you could visit the beautiful islands of Spargi, Budelli, Razzoli and Santa Maria

Day 6: Bonifaccio (18nm)
Nice old town and citadel with an abundance of restaurants.

Day 7: Golf du Valinco (30nm)
The Golfe du Valinco offers a traditional and natural place within Corsica to visit, boasting wonderful beaches and spectacular views.

Day 8: Ajaccio (12nm)

Day 9: Cargese (20nm)
Cargese is famous for the Greek Orthodox Church of St Marie, facing the Catholic Church that bears the same name.

Day 10: Golf de Porto (20nm)
Small charming harbour with a selection of fine restaurants and a village situated at the top of a hill that you must visit.

Day 11: Calvi (20nm)

Day 12: Saint Florent (25nm)
An old and attractive town situated at the beginning of the famous “desert des Agriates.”

Day 13: Centuri (20nm)

Day 14: Macinaggio (18nm)

8 Day Itinerary

Day 1: Board your yacht in Maccinaggio.

Day 2: Maccinaggio to Capraia (Italy)
The island’s small harbor, Porto di Capraia, connects to the village by the one and only asphalted road on the island. The island is a certre of anchovy fishing and even produces its own wine. Admire the impressive Fortress of St. George (not open for visitors) or visit some of the various churches on the island to soak in the area’s architecture.

Day 3: Capraia to Portoferraio, Elba Island
Head off to the popular Spiaggia di Sansone beach in Portoferraio with its clean, clear water and stunning scenery. If you like archaeology, visit the Museo Archeologico Portoferraio. The Golf Hermitage’s 9-hole course provides an enchanting view of the Biodola Gulf.

Day 4: Portoferraio to Porto Azzurro, Elba Island
The Porto Azzurro Piazza Matteott is abuzz during summer season, hosting cultural and musical events. You can take a dip in the famous Green Pond Terranera, derived from the extraction of iron ore and sulphur residue, which is great for your skin.

Day 5: Porto Azzurro to Bastia (Corsica)
Have your pick of over 100 restaurants in the picturesque town of Bastia. Delight your taste buds with an elegant dessert from La Taverne.

Day 6: Bastia to Calvi
Calvi’s beach is five miles long and has a great view of the citadel. Superb wine, cheese, olive oil, and wild boar sausage are all produced locally.

Day 7: Calvi to Maccinaggio

Day 8: Leave the yacht

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