• Q. Is proof of competency required?

    For bareboat yacht charter at least one member of the party must produce evidence as to their competence to skipper the yacht through certifications or resume. Requirements vary depending on the country and vary from bases to base. In general the Mediterranean requests a certificate and the Caribbean requests a resume. The larger the yacht the more qualifications you will be asked for. In Greece 2 members of the party must supply evidence of their competence. In Croatia a VHF license is required. If in doubt of your qualifications please submit a resume to LateSail for approval. You should bring a copy of your certificate and/or resume with you on the charter. If you're unable to produce an adequate resume and/or certificate or should the base feel the safety of the yacht is in question the company reserves the right to allocate a skipper to the yacht and charge as per their price list.

  • Q. What does the price include?

    The prices shown are per boat for the period stated. None of our prices include flights. All our operators differ in exactly what is included on your charter, upon quoting you we will tell you exactly what is included. As a minimum: the yacht and all equipment, all safety equipment, charts and cruising guide, etc.

  • Q. Do you only book 'late' charters?

    No. However far in advance you wish to book we promise to get the best possible price for your charter.

  • Q. I don't know where to sail?

    Our team is highly knowledgeable of the pros and cons of the various areas and are always available to discuss and suggest the areas which might suit best. Depending on the make-up and experience of your crew, the time of year you are looking to travel, and the type of vacation you want the suitability of a sailing area can vary massively. For example a young family with limited experience is likely to have different requirements to a college student's spring break.

  • Q. Please explain the date and number of days format

    Each date is shown as day/month. When our website says "10 May to 27 July, 7 day" then we show the price for 7 days within the date window shown. However the yacht is available for ten, fourteen, or twenty one day charters in that period. It is likely that a longer charter will attract a bigger discount, so please contact us for price information.

  • Q. What paperwork and information can I expect, and when?

    You will receive everything via email. When you confirm you will receive login details to access the secure area of our website so all of your important information is in one place. Here you will find two forms for completion - our booking form and the yacht operator's contract. You will also find the base information and a place to submit your crew lists and upload copies of your certificates within this secure area.

  • Q. Once I have booked do I deal with LateSail or direct with the operator?

    All questions and correspondence in the run up the your charter should be addressed to us here at LateSail and we will be happy to help.

  • Q. Do I need insurance?

    On all yacht charters it is necessary to leave a refundable security deposit; this is normally paid by credit card on embarkation. Many companies require a daily insurance amount along with a refundable deposit. Options vary with each yacht and charter company, so please ask for further detail.

  • Q. Do I need Travel insurance?

    We strongly advise our clients to have comprehensive travel insurance to insurance against travel delays, lost luggage, healthcare costs while away, or trip cancellation. Depending on the policy you choose, travel insurance can protect non-refundable deposits. To our US Citizens we can highly recommend: www.insuremytrip.com

  • Q. How often is the site updated?

    The website is updated daily or as needed depending on updates from charter operators.

  • Q. Does the site cover every charter operator?

    We certainly try to cover every operator that meets our criteria. Please note that some operators are occasionally slow in advising us when a boat has been booked and is no longer available - so please check availability with us.

  • Q. Is there insurance available to cover any refundable deposits required?

    Yes, you can arrange security deposit insurance by using a company such as: www.insuremytrip.com

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