The Caribbean is comprised of more than 700 islands, reefs, and islets. This includes the 25 countries that contribute to the screen saving brilliance that is the Caribbean. But with so many islands out there to explore how do you know which one you should charter your bareboat to? It turns out that to get the best and most well-rounded Caribbean experience you’ll have to take in the must lustrous scenes from all over the shiny blue Caribbean. Here are some of the most attractive excursions you can partake in during your sailing holiday.

Visit Cuba

cuba 1
Ever since the embargo was lifted, more and more Americans are finding their way to Cuba. Although travelling solely for the sake of tourism is currently illegal for Americans, the policy is both difficult to enforce and easy to subvert. Due to the embargo that started in the 60s Cuba is one of the few countries that has in no way been influenced by the US. Travelling to the country is the closest you’ll ever get to travelling back in time. Take in the people, customs, architecture, cars, and culture while you charter a yacht in Cuba.

Surf’s Up in Barbados

barbados 2
When we picture our vacations in the Caribbean we always imagine ourselves doing Caribbean activities like fishing, sailing, and surfing. The Barbados is one of the best surfing destinations in the whole of the Caribbean. The Atlantic facing coast of Barbados offers strong waves and a myriad of instructors more than willing to jump into the water with you.

Swim Through Stingray City

stingray 3
The appropriately named city of stingrays is located just off the coast of the largest Cayman island, Grand Cayman. Here you’ll find an abundance of stingrays frolicking about in their natural habitat. Although these feral animals are found in an unenclosed sandbar 25 minutes from Grand Cayman, they have become normalised to groups of tourists motoring up and feeding them. If possible, it’s recommended that you interact with the rays in a small group that visits the city on a day that a cruise ship isn’t coming into port.

Sprawl Out on the Shoal Bay Beach

sand beach 4
Holidays should be about exploration and exposing yourself to new things. But it should also be about shutting your eyes and enjoying the warm breeze as you sink your feet into the wet sand. For the optimal beach experience, sail to Shoal’s Bay, Anguilla. This is the perfect quiet beach to help you relax.

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