Food glorious food and how to provision

28th March 2018

The easy ways to provision your charter with food, glorious food We all laughed in the office at this story about how Dominos commandeered a boat to get a pizza to a desperately hungry person during a flood. Yet it’s…

LateSail sailor reviews BVI dining post-Irma

14th February 2018

The British Virgin Islands are still working hard to overcome the damage caused by hurricane Irma last year and their efforts are paying off. Sailors who returned this season have told us what wonderful charters they’ve experienced and are recommending…

The yacht charter experience in the BVIs post-Irma

29th November 2017

At the recent boat shows, the main topic of conversation was the extraordinary hurricane and the impact on the British Virgin Islands (BVIs). Our customers love the BVIs and expressed concern for islanders, with many wondering when they can return…

Can tourists return to the BVIs?

17th November 2017

We headed to the ICE Boat Show in Croatia last week and chatted to charter companies about some of our favourite destinations. If you’ve been wondering about the BVI’s recovery, then read on as yacht charter sales manager, Abbie from…

Tips for Sailing with First-Timers

5th June 2017

There is something incredibly special about the first time someone feels the wind filling the sails and propelling the boat silently over the waves. Taking beginners out on a charter can be highly rewarding, as long as you prepare your…

Reasons to consider a fully crewed yacht charter:

10th March 2017

Fully crewed yacht charters are the best way to explore some of the world’s most beautiful islands in the lap of luxury, and the experienced LateSail team are here to search out the very best yacht to meet both your…

Where Are You Going to Sail This Winter?

7th February 2017

Winter brings out two types of yachting enthusiasts, those who seek adventure in extreme conditions, and those who run as far from the cold as humanly possible. The first group are thrill seekers; the challenges presented by the cold are…

Sailing to Anegada

23rd June 2016

The island itself is visually very different than the rest of the Virgin Islands, a flat island comprised of limestone and corals, it does not feature the rolling green mountains that characterize the other islands. It features 11 miles of…

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