We headed to the ICE Boat Show in Croatia last week and chatted to charter companies about some of our favourite destinations. If you’ve been wondering about the BVI’s recovery, then read on as yacht charter sales manager, Abbie from BVI Yacht Charters gave us an update.


Abbie from BVI Yacht Charters

Abbie from BVI Yacht Charters



Can tourists return to the BVIs?

Most definitely. The BVI is now 100% open for visitors and commercial flights have re-started over the last couple of weeks, ferries are open with two brand new ferries in operation.

We need as many visitors as possible to boost tourism and support the BVI community. It might not be quite the same trip as before, but it’s more like the BVI of 20 years ago, so a little more rustic but still just as beautiful, hugely friendly and the drinks are still just as cold. Please come and visit us, as there’s never been a better time to come!



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Everyone wants to support the BVI but we hear concerns about whether the BVIs are ready for them, is this fair?


I fully understand people may have concerns about coming back to the BVIs after seeing the pictures on the news of the dreadful devastation. What people need to remember is just how much has been achieved in just eight weeks since the storm. The BVI community is working incredibly hard to get back on board on again and the progress is amazing. Already bars and restaurants are beginning to re-open and hotels plan to open in December. We are ready.


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Where can people visit to get that BVI experience?


The one thing to remember is that the water is still beautifully blue and the beaches still have white sand. You can go and visit the Indians for snorkelling and the reefs are ok, as none of that was damaged. You can also still visit some of the bars. The best way to support the BVIs is to come and support our tourism.  


How is business going for you post-Irma?


We are recovering well and will be reopening for our first charters next week and more boats going out in December. Our fleet is slightly smaller than it was before the storm, but we have 25 boats ready to start in December. So if you are looking to come to the BVI, we still have available weeks for the early part of next year so please get in touch and start booking


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